When Family Visits

By Patty Wilber

For more than 30 years I have lived states away from some of the people I hold the dearest: My parents and siblings.

And now my most amazing kids live states away (California and Hawaii!) (I miss them, but I am so proud they are pursuing their dreams!)

So, when anyone comes to visit, we have to go have some adventures.


Adventure in the Sandias!

Squoze in a lesson and a ride on Stetson and then:

Drove to Sandia Crest!

Only a few minutes from the house...!

Only a few minutes from the house…!

We hiked to the Kiwanis hut, then to the tram and then back along the La Luz trail.  I did not die of exhaustion on the last climb but I did have to stop three times…Mark and Erika zoomed up despite the fact that I live at altitude and they live at sea level.

This just goes to show that riding lots of horses does not contribute a whole lot to my aerobic capacity.

Oaks on the La Luz trail.

Spring oak leaves--so new and shiny!

Spring oak leaves–so new and shiny!

My picture of the wall flower was blurry but this is what they looked like!

After the hike, I rode another horse then we went to stuff ourselves at Gardunos!

Tomorrow Mark, Erika and me will go riding over the hill to Gutierrez canyon open space!  (This will be Erika’s second ride!)



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  1. Kathy Davies says:

    Wish we were all there at the same time!! Tell them to visit again the first week of July!!

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