The Sunday Melt

By Patty Wilber

It snowed last Friday and Saturday; five or six inches and full of moisture. Sunday got to 50F, and thus, the Sunday Melt.

The arena:

Ride one, Mojo.

Ride one, Mojo. Still pretty snowy.

Ride 2, Penny

Ride 2, Penny.  A lot more water.

Penny loping through the water like it is nothing! Good mare!

Less snow.  Still lots of water!

Ride 3. Less snow. Still lots of water!

Last ride...the now is all gone and the drainage system (a slight slope) is working!

Last ride…the snow is all gone and the drainage system (a slight slope) is working!

The road:

The trail (in a shady location):

Two of the horses have shoes on the front, one is barefoot and one is shod all around with sliders on the back. The arena has sand and crusher fines and is completely rideable in most conditions–not at all slick.  (That footing was a fantastic investment.)

With the snow, there is the chance of snow-ball build up in the hoofs, but the snow was so mushy, this did not occur.

And sliders are slick.  Surely the horse with those should have some slippage issues on the trail, but the ground was so deep that the horses all sank rather than slid!

It was a really nice day to ride, but a little drier is just fine with me!





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