Wedding under a Rainbow

By Patty Wilber

Technically, the wedding itself was not under the rainbow, but as we walked with Maegan along the beach, to her future betrothed, there was a rainbow above us.  And as we went down the aisle of people, the rainbow perfectly framed one side to the other.

Like a fairy tale.

There's that rainbow!

That is NOT a photoshopped rainbow!  The flower girls picked their own flowers, and we all went barefoot!

There is that rainbow!


I was, unfortunately, unable to figure out how to upload the cropped, improved version of the above picture…I was busy at the beach and stuff.

The night  before the wedding there was a horizontal rain event that knocked power lines over, closed several roads to the North Shore and generally made picking up the cake and then getting to our house interesting.  At the house, the power was out until 3 am.

The morning of the wedding was still windy and raining, but the tents got set up, the wind calmed, and the sun came out over the ocean just in time to create the magical rainbow.

It was only fitting.

Maegan met Rick on a trip to Hawaii in the summer of 2012 at Honolulu’s Art After Dark.  He looked at her and she looked at him, and, with no exaggeration, it was love. At first sight.

Small problem.  Maegan lived in L.A. and Rick lived in Hawaii.

Good thing there is such a thing as nationwide calling and Skype. And airplanes.

They spoke daily. She went back in the fall, he came to L.A. and she went there for Christmas.

We went too. So did her brother.

Maegan thought that was a good idea. You know it is serious if your 25 year old daughter and the guy she has seen about 10 whole days in person think it is a good idea to drag her whole family to Hawaii to stay in his studio bungalow.

 It was a blast.  We were Rick fans.

So, when Maegan was getting ready to graduate from Law School at Loyola and told me she was thinking she would move to Hawaii, it seemed OK.  I mean why not?  What is the worst that could happen?  The thing with Rick does not work out, she gets no job, and she has to come home.  Not a big risk at this point in her life.  GO FOR IT.

So, she did!  She passed the bar, and got a job and…

they got married Jan 3, 2015. On Pipeline Beach in a flash mob ceremony.

Their friend Katie got certified as a minister and presided over the flash mob!

Their friend Katie got certified as a minister and presided over the flash mob!

Rick's folks, us and the newly betrothed!

Rick’s folks, us and the newly betrothed!


The reception was a great party at a farm across the street.

And given that start, how can they help but live happily ever after?



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  1. EMoonTX says:

    Rainbow on wedding day? Fantastic. What lovely pictures & description!

    • Patty says:

      We did not know about the rainbow until after because it was behind us, but the crowd was pretty impressed!

  2. Doranna says:

    Ooh, how wonderful! Storybook all around!

    • Patty says:

      Thanks! The whole sequence of events seems so unlikely, but there you have it!

  3. Suzan Morrow Farrell says:

    That rainbow has to mean there is a good future ahead for them.

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