2014 in Review

By Patty Wilber

2014 is in the rear view,
2015 will bring something new,
But before we move on to the new stew,
Here is the ‘ol last year, in review.

Stetson, the gorgeous, worked for his share!
He was open AQHA high point at the State Fair!
And at NMBHA, with Lindsey on top,
He took Junior Horse, Halter and Dun Factor, pop!

Stetson won some ribbons at the fair!

Stetson won some ribbons at the fair!

Lindsey and Stetson!


Youth Buckskin champ was Penny, with Sydney aboard.
In trail and rail and jumping (etc.) they scored.
Schmoo & Syd won the saddle in Tucumcari
and NMBHA All Breed youth; they were quite merry!

They can jump!

Penny and Sydney, 2014 NMBHA Buckskin Youth High Point

Sydney and Schmoo

Sydney and Schmoo;  2014 NMBHA All Breed Youth High Point, Tucumcari 4H saddle winner!

Mariah won prizes day after day
NMBHA, Paint, Pali and Santa Fe!
She worked with Miss Daisy day in and day out,
They now can do anything, there is no doubt!

Mariah and Daisy and some really nice buckles!!

Mariah and Daisy and some really nice buckles!!

Jordyn took Slick and rode him just fine!
Her 4-H results, they really did shine.
She’s got him moving in a super nice frame,
So, 2015 is going to be a great game!

Jordyn and Slick

Jordyn and Slick

Mojo thinks Roger is really top notch.
They ride hill and dale; quite fun to watch!
Mary Ann S. has Cometa to keep her awake.
Every blade of grass, he tries to take.

Roger and Mojo

Roger and Mojo

Mary Ann and Cometa.

Mary Ann S. and Cometa.

Carson was amazing, Barb’s black mustang boy.
Whatever I asked, he did it with joy,
including the salt job in the bad snow.
We wore all our rain gear. It was that wet, you know.

Carson and Lacey--an excellent working pair!

Carson and Lacey–an excellent working pair!

Lacey hauled salt on that fateful trip,
But reined cow work? For that, she don’t give a rip!
Sydney will take her (most likely) for summer ’15,
And how Lacey turns out, remains to be seen!

Pria was not loping just as she should,
So we redid her feet and rode through the wood.
That got her to watch and get her hip under,
And on the trail up from Baldy Lake she was a real wonder.

(Because frankly, I thought Mary Ann E. was trying to kill me on that really steep, really narrow, badly angled, damp trail!)

Above Baldy lake with Pria.  We survived the climb without a single mis-step.  Great job, Pria!

Above Baldy lake with Pria. We survived the climb without a single mis-step. Great job, Pria!

Taffy, the Spanish girl, just stole my heart,
With a black mane so thick, down the middle it parts,
And a mind so solid that you’d never guess
Her mom was a professional bucker, no less!

Loaded and ready to go.

Taffy.  Little did she know that 25 miles lay ahead of her that day!

Sunny, a barn mate of Taffy, you see,
Came to learn ponying, in which she didn’t find glee,
But at 14 hands high, she dragged big Stetson around,
And Lacey and LT with just a small frown!

Amy on Sunny ponying me on Lacey.

Amy on Sunny ponying me on Lacey. I am giving Amy tips on how to do it. Sunny has a small frown!

Longshot came back for a re-fresher course.
He is also a very nice-minded horse.
He rides really well, but because he also likes packing,
he’d rather be second; if he leads, he starts slacking.


Longshot and LT.  Awww!

Longshot and LT. Awww!

Taking charge of a horse that is a bit willful
turned out to be easy, since I was quite skillful!
Dusty was ready to take second chair,
and let us riders tell him when to go where.

(But he still doesn’t love cows!)

LT is my favorite (but don’t tell the rest!)
She’s busy and fussy and not alway the best,
But she can work a cow and put her butt in ground,
So just for that, I’ll keep her around.

In reined cow horse, LT brought home some purse,
Qualified for the World (in Reined Cow Horse, of course),
(Thanks to my coach Troy Rogers)
And in English Eq. (equitation), just to be funny,
In NMBHA, she was in the money!

Because of LT, I took a smart chance,
And bought her half sister (Indy), with hardly a glance.



For 2015, here is the list:
Appy, National Reined Cow Horse, 4H and into the back country when I won’t be missed!
Happy New Year from Hawaii!!

(The wedding is tomorrow!!!)


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  1. EMoonTX says:

    Congratulations–what a good year!

    • Patty says:

      Thank-you! It was Not Boring! I like Not Boring!

  2. barb K says:

    very cool year, may 2015 be blessed with all your plans

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