Home Alone (sort of)

By Patty Wilber

For the first time in 27 years there will be no kids at home for Christmas.


Christmas, 2011. Maegan (Progeny #1!), Me and Mark (Progeny #2)

I am normally not an especially sniffy sort, but every once in a while something hits.

There was no sniffing when they went to kindergarten.

The day they went back for 4th and 5th grade, though…

*sniff* (No clue why.)

Not much sniffing when they left for college.

When they graduated from college, though:


No more summers home or long between-semester breaks.  They were off to the world.

When progeny #1 was 25 she told us she would be going to Hawaii for Christmas.

 “What?  You are only 25!  What do you mean you are not coming home for Christmas?!”  (All that was in my head–really it was!)


Solved that problem, though.  We all (Me, Dad, Progeny #2) went with her to Hawaii (for Christmas, 2012) to visit her boyfriend that she barely knew. (He’s a keeper.) Oh, and we only stayed a week.  She stayed a month.

Meeting the future fiance!

Meeting the future fiance, Dec. 2012!

So, this Christmas, Progeny #2 will be in Alaska with his girlfriend and her parents (We did not invite ourselves up…Alaska, winter, cold, no.)

Then, we (Me, Dad, Progeny#2, his girlfriend) are all going to Hawaii the 29th because Progeny #1 is getting married Jan. 3!  Which is not that far past Christmas, but still.

Christmas *sniff*

So we and the dogs decorated the tree.  (The dogs were not much help.)

Super helpful dogs! Coulson"why is he lying on the floor?" Lani: "I dunno, but i am going to try it out!"

Coulson”why is he lying on the floor like that?” Lani: “I dunno, but i am going to try it out!”

Good luck getting a nice dog-tree-person shot with those two!

Good luck getting a nice two-dog-tree-one-person shot!

It still felt a little empty around here.


Solved that problem, though!


Indy (registered name: Paradigm).



She’s a half sister to LT (Paranormal Activity), who I adore; daughter of Buckshot (A Paradox), who I also adore, and out of an own daughter of Mister Montana Nic with Smart Chic Olena on the grand dam’s side.

Buckshot at four. Merry Christmas!

Buckshot at four (2011). Merry Christmas!


Buckshot at Appy Nationals 2012 (Reserve National Champ, Jr. Working Cow)


LT, her Daddy's daughter

LT, her Daddy’s daughter, pinned ears and all.

Indy came home last night.

I think she'll fit right in.

I think she’ll fit right in.

(And she is not a prospect!  I swear!)

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10 Responses to Home Alone (sort of)

  1. Maegan says:

    awww – I will see you guys soon! Cute horse – like the name 🙂

  2. Marilyn says:

    Uh-huh. Not a prospect. Sure…. I wonder why, when I read “Bought a horse!” I was NOT surprised?

    • Patty says:

      LOL! Well, I did not buy her so I could sell her…we’ll call her a “project”(!!) She is actually not even halterable at this point, so…could be interesting.

  3. Susan says:

    Indy looks very sweet, Patty! A very special post-holiday Wilber family is event is just around the corner. Do you “sniff” at weddings:)

  4. Doranna says:

    Wow–happy new horse! Bummer about all that good breeding. <= this is my dry humor in case it doesn't show

    • Patty says:

      I figure there might be a chance she could perform, but it is always a crap shoot, so what the heck.

  5. Sherry says:

    I’m looking forward to the Christmas edition! Buckshot’s picture reminded me that it’s almost time.

  6. Trisha Burlison says:

    Cool! Where’s the wedding going to be?

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