Gym Tan Laundry

 By Patty Wilber

Last weekend we had a Thanksgiving family reunion with everyone in the immediate family and the Significant Others, too!

In case you forgot from last week what that looked like: 

The family in California!!

Erika (Mark’s SO), Mom, Dad, Rick (Maegan’s fiance), Maegan (Progeny #1), Me, Laurel (niece, Kathy’s Progeny #1) in front, Mark (progeny #2), Jim (Spousal Unit), Kathy (Little Sis), Chris (Kathy’s SU), Maryanne (K’s Progeny #2) in front, Tina (Mike’s SU) and Mike (Little Bro).  Mark’s roommate for all four years from Georgetown was there too, and took this picture!

In just under a month we are all (except Mike and Tina) heading to Hawaii for Rick and Maegan’s wedding!

So, Christmas is in between there…minor detail.

This was a wonderful trip. Just three days, but full, including least four family trips to Starbucks, hiking, Dim Sum, Thanksgiving itself and of course the infamous Scrunchie Face game, where we write random things on slips of paper and make our teammates guess them.  The women won.

I had to get my team to guess “Gym Tan Laundry”. I had no idea that was from Jersey Shore and, well, “Tan Laundry” seemed Chinese to me… (am reading a book by Amy Tan right now, after all)


Jim (Gym?)-we are all in the driveway preparing to go hiking (Gym). Hardly felt like winter.

Sun screen goofiness! (anti Tan)

I tried to find a picture of a Tan’s Chinese Laundry and guess what I found out?  Chinese Laundry is a shoe company…


Maegan. She looks clean.  Laundry.


Dad and Erika. Mom is in the background. Two hip replacements and and a shoulder, too. Hiked 8 miles.

Go Mom!


I guess it is pretty common to have an affinity for the landscape of your home if you had a good life growing up. There are few places I’d rather be than across the street from The Hill here in NM, but when I smell the grassland and see the oak trees, there is a tug in my heart.


Mark and Erika

Mark and Erika




california thanksgiving 14 020

Counting the days til the wedding and seeing everyone again. (Hawaii will be a great, but really with Gym Tan Laundry in our bag of tricks, we  could make any place work!)







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