Lani, the Dorse

By Patty Wilber

We have this super huge great dog pen that we build for a dog that we never ended up getting (long story).  So, we turned it into a horse pen, then a stud pen, then a two-stud pen, then we split it into two pens so the stud and the former stud could have their own spaces and then I had those new shelters put in it this year! (They are cool.)

After our two old geezer dogs (Shelby and Babe) passed on, we waited a long time, but suddenly, a dog felt right, so we got Lani.  We also got an invisible fence for her, but laying 1800 feet of wire and making sure it is buried so horses can go out in the “pastures” without breaking the wire, takes a while (especially if one lone guy spousal unit person is doing the entire job, on weekends, in between all the other things we do.) Not to mention we still have to train the cute Dog Face on the fence…

Lani Kai

Cute Dog Face, Lani Kai

So, in the interim, we put the dog in the Dog Pen.  Except there were some horses in there too. No just any horses, of course.

Stetson likes to see if he can catch dogs unawares and the big boy is QUICK for his size.  No squished dogs, please.

Mojo is good with dogs unless said dog is Over Exuberant.   Over Exuberant might be Lani’s real name.  She thinks she is using Lani Kai on trial basis.  We, on the other hand, are set on on having her grow into Lani Kai, which is a gorgeous and relaxing beach on Oahu.  We are especially focused on the “relaxing” part.

Mojo did teach Ms. O.E. to Pay Attention, but we would rather not give him a chance to do so again, unsupervised

LT and Lacey are both fine, but Cometa and Carson are a bit quieter.

So, first we went with Cometa, and in no time Lani thought she was a horse.  Make that a Dorse.

Breakfast with Cometa. “if this grass hay is good enough for Cometa, it is good enough for me,” says Lani.

Munching pals.


Then we added Carson.

Carson is a good breakfast companion, too!

Sometimes my mom tells me i am a little Over Exuberant.

sometimes my mom and dad tell me i am a little Over Exuberant.

carson thought so , too.  his ears told me, so i did Exuberance father away.

carson thought so , too. his ears told me, so i did Exuberance farther away.

I did not get a photograph, but the other day, both horses and Lani were all up under one side of the shelter.  The horses were dozing on their feet and Lani was flaked out along the edge.

Soon OE, the Dorse, will have the run of our four acres, except the horse pens, and we thought she might get lonely patrolling for coyotes and intimidating the ground squirrels without her horse buddies.

So I got Coulson (that’s Agent Coulson for you Agents of Shield/Thor/Captain America fans), last week to give Lani a canine companion and a Security Forces partner. (Don’t tell anyone that the secret pass word might be “cookie”.)

Of course there is a slight possibility that I did not get Coulson for Lani and I actually got him for myself…


Lani and Coulson

Lani and Coulson

Coulson is just about  seven weeks old, so he’s going to need a little time to grow into his Security Forces job(s), and maybe learn a little Dorse. If Lani can master her OE, she will be just the mentor for him!




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6 Responses to Lani, the Dorse

  1. Cathy McManus says:

    adorable couple

    • Patty says:

      Heading off with Coulson now–to work cows with Troy and Diana. He will probably stay in the horse trailer while we do that–howling his head off. Growing up is difficult!

  2. Doranna says:

    Awww! Two really neat new family members!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Oh, the joys of a Younger Member of the Family! Terminal cute….

  4. Sherry Meagher says:

    Wow! What a crew. Hank the Cow Dog would be proud of this team! But which one would be Hank and which one would be Drover? Maybe the Dorse?

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