April Giveaway: Meet Dale Kinsall & Sully Beagle

It’s the monthly giveaway!  And this time there are two of us giving away goodies!  The winner will receive hardcopy and electronic versions of both Nose for Trouble (by me) and A Fatal Twist of Lemon by Patrice Greenwood.  Much coolness.

There lots of options for entering. It starts at the end of the month, ends a month later…and the mystery theme is to celebrate that the second title in my Dale Kinsall & Sully Beagle series, Scent of Danger, is on the shelves again!  And Patrice is celebrating the upcoming release of the third Wisteria Tearoom mystery, An Aria of Omens (so will I, once it gets here!). Enter lots, happily go on your way, and it’ll be a nice surprise at the end of the month if you win!

(This “sticky” post will remain at the top of the blog. The entry form is behind the cut…just click on the Continue Reading link.)

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*Physical books are available in the US only; Digital versions will go everywhere.

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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20 Responses to April Giveaway: Meet Dale Kinsall & Sully Beagle

  1. Suzan Morrow Farrell says:

    At our house we have Angie Beagle, Benton Beagle—same age as Connery Beagle and I think just as smart, but they have trained us instead of us training them. Well, we’ve trained them a little, but they are VERY, VERY spoiled. We love them to pieces. Also 2 cats at our house—in fact, the oldest, a male, “raised” the beagles and they think he is their mother and actually mind him better than us.

    • Doranna says:

      Beagles are VERY good at training their people!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Well, there’s only one problem with a Giveaway of NOSE… I already bought it! Babette Beagle was trying a training. She started spitting out her vitamins. For a couple of days, I picked them up and wrapped them in some additional food, and she would then eat them. Then she started spitting them out of the second bit of food, and I then said, “What AM I doing?” I next set the spat-out pill(s) on top of the cover for her breakfast and Harry would stick it into the breakfast. When she found out she didn’t get extra food for spitting out the vitamins, she stopped spitting them out!

  3. bn100 says:

    maybe a horse

    • Doranna says:

      I think you were probably wanting to be over at the Sentinels giveaway. But I definitely like the horse shapeshifting thing! (PS No, I figured it out. I just had too many things going on at once!)

  4. Marcy Maddox says:

    we have 2 dogs, 1 cat and lots of chickens, the cat, not the rooster, runs the show. the dogs just put up with all of them. they all love to be petted and brushed. it would be very lonely out here in the country without them.

    • Doranna says:

      I should think so! I consider chickens about once a year or so. And a little goat…

  5. Jeanne M says:

    Hi Doranna!
    We were just adopted recently by a wonderful cat that we call Nathan. He had come into our kitchen when my husband had gone outside to get more wood for our fireplace during the last snow storm of the year and made himself comfortable on our coach. After calling around the neighborhood no one knew where he came from and since it was going to be freezing the next few nights we had let him stay. We ended up posting a note on our neighborhood bulletin board and no one came forward and he finally let us know that he planned on staying right where he was!

    I must admit that we’ve had plenty of pets in our home over the 40 plus years we’ve been married but his is the first time a pet adopted us instead of the other way around!

    When we took him to the vet to make sure he had all his shots we found out that even though he weighs over 15 pounds now he’s only about a year old and still has some more growing to do!

  6. Ellen Heaton says:

    Hi Doranna,
    So tried to write, but wasn’t signed in and when I finally figured out my password to sign in, all my words were gone… 🙁 ah well I rambled anyway.

    I already have Nose for Trouble, but I have a number of people would would appreciate a good book! and I haven’t read Twist of Lemon. Anyway I have three dogs. Two Beagles and a Plott Hound. Bullet is my “Nose for Trouble” dog as he always knows when something is up and comes to tell me about it (or stands in the window or on the deck announcing it to the world!). Both Bullet and Buck (Plott) are very vigilant and keep a careful watch out for anyone or anything that dares to walk near their domain!

    Buddy Beagle on the other hand is very sweet and sedate. His favorite thing is to curl up next to someone. He only alerts for dinner! He also loves to visit people and so he often goes to the Ft. Belvoir hospital to visit with patients.

    • Doranna says:

      Oh, man, I hate it when that happens. I’m glad you posted anyway–I like hearing about the Beagle and Plott boys. 8)

  7. mdeanm says:

    Hello, we have had a variety of animals with our dogs having some unusual names. Our first dog was named Sweetie, a border collie sheltie mix, she was a sweet dog but the kids named her because I would call them sweetie. The next do was a Beagle Springer mix, he was Manchas or Munchie (he chewed on the cat, so the cat hid anywhere the dog could not go. Our last dog was Sabaka, which translated from Russian is dog, she was a whippet terrier mix.

    • Doranna says:

      Oh, dog names are fun! (I bet that Beagle/springer mix was a handsome boy with lots of energy!)

      • mdeanm says:

        He was a medium size dog of pure muscle but unfortunately he was for from having a full deck. He was a big puppy.

  8. wilssearch says:

    Thanks for doing this! I do not currently have any pets – I do not have time to take of them – I am too busy reading. My books are my pets!

  9. Chelsea B. says:

    Sadly, most animals affect my allergies! I hate it, because I adore animals. I’m thinking about investing in a fish tank, though. There is something very soothing about watching fish swim 🙂

    • Doranna says:

      Oh, fish! Yes, I have to agree. Very soothing, if you can keep them alive… ==80 Sorry about the allergies–that’s rotten!

  10. ma75ma says:

    My current pet is a sweet cat named Keats. But when it nears time to eat she turns into Le chat lunatique!

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