Two Hour Delay

By Patty Wilber

We had snow and iciness all afternoon Wednesday, making riding a no-go and driving a bit interesting.

Turns out I picked a good day to spend four and a half hours having my hair redeemed–from flaming purply-red as a result of a home-hair-dying fiasco–to a much lighter streaky look. That hair thing really deserved a blog but it was just too…personal… and it is going to take another eon to really get it back to where I want it…I should have never bailed on Nice & Easy 110 at 7 bucks a box. I think I am over $600 and  three months on the reclamation project.

By Wednesday night most schools had declared a two hour delay for Thursday morning.

Both my classes were cancelled.  Which, academically, was a bummer, but on the other hand I slept past 5 am.

The mountain was coated in a gray shroud all day (quite uncharacteristically) and the mercury almost hit 30F, but then, pressured by the heavy sky, sighed back to 26.

First glimpse of the mountain top all day.

First fleeting glimpse of the mountain top  was not until 5 pm on Thursday.

I convinced my one lesson to stay home (26 and breezy–no fun at all) and I spent the day on school work. (and trying to figure out something to eat while grading that would taste good while not make me feel totally stuffed.  Unsuccessful there.  Had some tea.)

Oh I did sneak out to take a few horse pictures.

LT and Lacey have been on Four Day Delay after a NM Buckskin show last Sunday where Lacey managed a 6th in boxing and 6th in working cow, and LT had some super moments in her boxing (3rd!), working cow (4th!), reining (nice stops!), ranch pleasure (not an idiot!), and novice hunter under saddle (1st–um because she may have been the only horse that did not blow a lead or buck!).

Stetson got a 2nd in trail with Lindsey and he WENT OVER THE BRIDGE!

Mojo and Stetson got out Monday and Tuesday, but it seems they all might be a bit bored today.  Or else they thought I might feed them. At 3 pm (right).

Mojo: is it time to eat???

Mojo: is it time to eat???  No this is a camera.


Stetson: i am coming! feed me first!

Stetson: i am coming! feed me first! me! me me!

LT: i can get a little closer if u want.

LT: i can get a little closer if u want.


Cometa: someone needs to have some dignity around here.

Cometa: someone needs to have some dignity around here.

or not.

or not.


Lacey: i smell something! LT: i found a scrap!

Lacey: i got closest!!  LT: so?  i found a scrap!

We might get more snow Thursday night.  Or not.  No one seems to know, really.  But my Friday workshop  for school is already cancelled so I rescheduled the Thursday lesson for Friday.  Thirty 33 F (expected high) and sunny (well partly sunny expected) should make Friday run more comfortably, and on time!

Happy Friday!











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3 Responses to Two Hour Delay

  1. Cathy McManus says:

    Got up to 34 degrees out here and we actually had a few hours of sun during the middle of the day, only place including ABQ that had sun. Today looks better though.

    • Doranna says:

      That’s what I thought this morning–until it started snowing again! No big deal, but definitely on the gloom side of the sky.

  2. Patty says:

    Got pretty decent by the end of day but at 1030 snowing and riding and breezy was not my idea of the most fun ever!

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