Year End Limericks

By Patty Wilber

Horses of 2013. Lots of limericks.  Some are ok. Some not so much!  Feel free to write your own to add to the commotion!

The “home” horses

Cometa was King of the Farm
Until Mojo imposed his full “charm”
Cometa’s head, it caved in
We thought his life would go dim
But in the end he survived all the harm!

Divot head. But he's not dead!

Divot head. But he’s not dead!

The name Paranormal Activity
really suits LT to a T.
She tried pretty  hard
To be a retard
And she was nearly sold down the Yangtze!

Can ride LT out, so guess I should not pout!

Can ride LT out, so guess I shouldn’t pout!

(And she is a fine athlete, so guess she will stay on!)

Lacey was my summer pack horse
She’s more talented than that, of course
her jog’s slow and sweet
and on cow’s she’s a treat
Western classes will show her full force

Toots is a fine lead horse.  Lacey is happy to follow.

Lacey packed in two thirteen, this year she might be lead horse queen!

Penny’s been with Sydney all year
It was strange not having her near
She won at State Fair
(weren’t sure she’d get there)
And this year they will jump just like deer.

Penny, registered Appaloosa with two fully registered Appaloosa parents. No white sclera (not hoof stripes, no mottled skin, no spots!!) Oh well!

Penny is “looking” fine!  Glad she is still mine!

Toots was a great find from Texas
In a month rode as smooth as a Lexus
She moves right on a cow,
In the mountains, oh wow!
And whomever she meets sees her charm is in excess.

Toots says:  "kids!  hi kids!  pet me on my shoulder!"  Lacey says: "i am hiding back here because that one has some

Toots always smiles and draws in kids for miles.

The “clients (who are really more like friends!)

There once was a Fjord with no home
His name was Mojo not Jerome
Some thought he was kooky
(He sometimes is spooky)
With mom Mary Ann he has no need to roam.

My what lovely lash frosting!

Mojo, doncha know!

Stetson is a big dun
His movement is as gorgeous as sun
He got a bridge phobia
He thinks they’re all from Mongolia
And from them he sometimes must run.

Stetson say "oh my!  is that a bridge? i could die!

Stetson says “oh my! is that a bridge? i could die!

JD is half brother’s with Stetson
Their dad is The Coosa Connection
We rode AERC*
25 miles did we!
Had parts than were chapped when Iw’s done!

* AERC American Endurance Ride Conference

JD got 37 on his hair and we trotted a lot out there.

There once was a TB* named Harry
He was seven and he seemed rather scary
but after month three
he was saddle friendly
And could be ridden all around, jubilee!

(*TB = thoroughbred)

Harry did not know to stand around but now he will tie and hold his ground

Harry did not know to stand around but now he will tie and hold his ground

King was a Clydesdale so BIG
I had to borrow all the tack for his rig
His feet were like plates
He still could lope great
And Smart! Was just starting to learn to do trig!

King was sweet as could be; sometimes he gave kisses to me.

Longshot had contracted tendons as a kid
And he lived here with Lacey, he did
I started him this summer
The he went home again, bummer
We half wanted to keep him, we did.

she's got that box thing again! this one is blue tho.  jd!  u check it out! (JD's head is sneaking in the edge of the pic.)

Lacey and Longshot were friends. One day she may see him again.

A great halter gelding was Waylon,
But he decided to send some folks sailin’
He said, “i’m not for riding!”
I said, “You better start trying!”
So he did and found a new home without flailing!

Julian was bred to slide far,
As a reiner not an ice car,
but he really liked hair,
and would eat it to there
On whomever would stand for the hair Tzar.

"we will start at the top..."

“we will start at the top… and we will not stop!:

2013 was busy and fun
But with limericks I’m about done
at least for now
don’t have a cow
Next week I will have a new….story.

Happy New Year!



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