An (Anti)Hero Speaks

c.taming.demon.SMEvery once in a while we get a special guest blogger around here.  ;>  As it happens, we’re celebrating TAMING THE DEMON release month with Supernatural Smackdown participation.  As I’m not pushing any particular drive for votes (it’s one of those things), I expect us to get smacked down, indeed.  But that’s okay.  Devin and I know where he stands.  In his own words… 

Here’s the thing about me and the blade…at any given time, one of us is just a little bit mad.

Usually it’s the blade, but you never really know.

Anheriel is its name, and it thinks a lot of itself.  I suppose it has reason, the little bastard.  I didn’t understand its nature when it latched onto my brother, and neither did he. Eventually it drove him to the wild road.

That’s the nice way to say it.  Bug-fuck crazy is another.  Or just plain evil…take your pick.  So when my brother died and the blade moved onto me, I knew what was coming.

I’m fighting it, let’s put it that way.

But damn, the thing comes in handy, too.  How could it not?  Yeah, it goes looking for trouble.  That’s its whole gig.  Elemental spirit trapped in a blade and turned into living metal, now on a search for redemption.  So yeah, it can take the form of whatever bladed weapon it wants.  Anheriel hangs out as a pocket knife most of the time, but if someone calls up the asshole factor, they’re gonna be looking at a specialty tactical blade–agate handle, sweet sharp blade, strong cut-back…deadly.

I told you it thinks a lot of itself.

Now and then it has an excuse to show up as a saber.  It likes that.  Things never end well for the other guy when that happens.

They never end well for the blade wielder, either.  Not in the long run.  A demon blade needs a human to get the job done–the looking for trouble, the resolving it.  The redemption.  But the damned things can’t help but be what they are–insidious, devious darkness.  So they get into a wielder’s head…into his soul.  They use up wielders and throw them away, hunting for the one who’ll be strong enough to hold fast.  Because it’s always there–that little whisper, that little suggestion to go too far.  To take advantage of the strengths it provides.  Because unless the bad guy has a blade, he won’t be faster than I am.  Simple truth, that.  And if he hurts me, I’m not staying down.  Healing fast is a bitch and I pay the price, but I can take a licking and come back for more.  And the way the blade cleans up the scene…it’s so easy to take that one step too far. To go from stopping trouble to being the trouble.

That’s okay.  As it turns out, I intend to be the one who’s strong enough–maybe the first one.  And I’ve already gotten this far.

So what am I doing here?  You’d think I’d have enough of this kind of thing.  But one thing I’ve learned from Natalie is this:  If I’m going to fight this bastard of a blade, I’ve got to get in its face.  I don’t wait for it to come to me with its trouble–not any longer.  I go looking.  And I make my own choices.  And this little gathering…hell, yeah, it’ll keep that demon busy.

Hear that, Anheriel?  Bring it on.

So there you are.  Devin James, ladies and germs.

And as it happens, I’m giving away a couple of copies of the book along with the Smackdown blog.  The giveaway closes at the end of the month, and it uses one of those easy Rafflecopter entry systems–it’s over on Devin’s post at the Supernatural Smackdown, where I also had fun providing Devin’s unique stats.  Go for it!


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  1. Doranna says:

    I am the first to comment on myself! After a query in the background… No, “ladies and germs” is not a typo. It’s Milton Berle! 8)

  2. Marilyn says:

    Hmm. Not sure what the problem is, but I’m getting a 404 on the Supernatural Smackdown link. (And I laughed at the Milton Berle.)

  3. Doranna says:

    I probably did something wrong. (Don’t ask me what–I just did a URL cut-n-paste!)–I’ll check it out and update the post. Thanks for letting me know! (And for getting the Milton Berle!)

  4. Doranna says:

    There! Linkie is fixed! Not quite sure how that happened, but…whutever! Go enter for books! ;>

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