Like Totally (Awesome)

By Patty Wilber

I traded some training for this horse last year.  

LT 2011

 “Why?”, you  may ask.  Well, because, sucker that I am, I wanted to keep her dad (A Paradox/Buckshot) in training with me. Buckshot was a whole lot of fun to ride and show and we were just starting to really get somewhere (got Reserve Jr National Champ in Working Cow at Appy Nationals! ) So, I took the filly.

buckshot update sale


Her registered name is Paranormal Activity.

(It fits.)

But I could not figure out a good barn name based on that.  PN?  Para?  Norma (huh–didn’t thing of that at the time…) But whatever, nothing seemed quite right.

Then I came up with Like Totally (Awesome), which is 1) true(!) and 2) based on a  joke with a friend who maintains that the word “awesome” is awesomely over used.

And LT is nicely alliterative with Lacey and Longshot, the other kids at the barn at the time.

LT wasn’t quite two and she was small (um I seem to specialize in small–see the picture–they are all the same small size) when I got her in early 2012, so she went out on pasture for the summer with her buddies Lacey and Longshot. (The Three Amigos!)


I started LT in late 2012,


Didn’t really ride her regularly until early 2013.  She is coming along really well– in some ways.

She did not take to being the lead horse when I tried to pony off her, even though I had Lacey, her best friend (after Longshot).  But since Longshot went to his real home after that summer fling in the valley, Lacey (Boss mare in training) moved up to Best Friend..Longshot is coming back next week to start his training.  We will see what transpires in the horsey hierarchy!

Thus, since LT didn’t handle ponying duties,Toots gets to  take Lacey on all the Back Country trips!


You can barely make out Toots or Lacey from our project last weekend,  but it does look backwoodsy!

LT is also super sensitive (no spurs needed), which leads to being a bit on the over-reactive side when there is too much physical pressure (in her opinion) with the bit or bosal.

She throws her head  and ducks her head and stomps her feet (just like a little kid throwing a fit!).  Working on that–my actual kids were never fit throwers– but you’d think I could out smart a horse! Getting there by making her move with purpose whenever she starts in. She “gets” to  keep her feet in motion until she softens up “in the face”–Light and flexible feel in the mouth and neck.  Both soft and flexible are easy for her.

She does not buck or rear, and although she looks at everything, she is not spooky.

When she moves (as opposed to hoof stomping), she is so athletic it hardly feels like she touches the ground.

She is a busy body, which is a good trait for a horse being  aimed at reiner/ cow horse–especially cow horse. (But can be a pain when FOCUS is needed!)

Two weeks ago  she hit both lead changes in a reining competition (and got a third in a decent sized class!). Today she hit none after I went and bragged on her.  Typical.

 Today, though, she did work a cow mostly off my legs and her own innate feel for it. She tracked the cow and stopped hard when it did.  She was brave when the cow tired to sneak by her on the fence. She  floated her roll backs when the cow would stop and turn.

It was one of those rides when you get off and think , THIS is Like Totally Awesome!


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  1. Marilyn says:

    Pardon my lack of knowledge — it’s been more years than I want to think about since I’ve been around horses, but what’s a bosal, besides a kind of hackamore?

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