More Sentinels on the Way!

by Doranna

I’m slow off the mark on this one. I should have been celebrating out loud at least a week ago.  But it turns out that TAMING THE DEMON should have gone into production right about the time Sandy hit, so by the time they were able to get to it a couple of weeks ago, the time crunch was pretty crunchy.  And that means I’ve just done two weeks of back-to-back production rush.

*blink*  What day is it, anyway?

So I have good news, and I have good news!

For starters, I’ve just signed on to do four more Nocturnes.  Two will be in the Sentinels series, and the remaining two have yet to be decided.  We get to see how things go–after all, next year will see the release of the Demon Blade series.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll decide to play in that seriesverse some more…

Wild ThingJaguar NightLion HeartWolf HuntNight of the TigerTiger Bound


And speaking of the Sentinels…there’s a new book in the line-up, oh yes there is!  KODIAK CHAINED just hit the shelves!

Kodiak Chained

Kodiak Chained

Sentinels Book 5

December ’12


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One mission. One night. One costly misstep….Don’t miss this scintillating romance from Doranna Durgin!

A mighty Kodiak shifter, Ruger is more than a Sentinel warrior. As a Healer, he willingly risks everything defending the sick and helpless. But after an ambush nearly kills him, he can do only so much-until a sensual lady black bear shifter arrives to provide him backup….

In human form, she is called Mariska. Feisty and self-assured, she has finagled her present assignment helping Ruger chase down a rising new threat. The moment Mariska scents the heroic, battle-scarred grizzly she knows he will be her only weakness…and greatest desire.

Mariska will do anything to aid Ruger–even if confronting the enemy puts everything she holds dear in jeopardy.

 There.  That’s plenty of good news for one post, don’t you think?  Unless, of course, you’ve got your own good news to share!

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4 Responses to More Sentinels on the Way!

  1. Mona Karel says:

    The absolute BEST of news. If only I could look forward to Kodiak. Sigh, I stalked Kindle until it showed up and I could download. I suppose in a couple days I could read it again…one of the advantages of getting older and losing short term memory, if I ever do come to that condition.

  2. Doranna says:

    I should not be surprised that another author knows just what to say–!

  3. Kada. says:




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