Back from the World

By Patty Wilber

Got off my horse at 8 pm, ate dinner at 10-ish, got to sleep at 12 got up at 4 and flew home on Wednesday so I could teach two of my three classes.

It is now late Thursday night so we will see how this goes!

(At little chocolate bar snack will help me out)

Being at a horse event such as the World Show is like being in a weird space, man.  Not like real life at all.

Here is one of the arenas.

Maybe I should have titled the blog “Back into the World” instead of ” Back from…”

Life becomes narrowly focused.  It makes things simple. We did not have a TV or radio in the trailer.  It was hard to get on my computer.  I didn’t read a paper. I walked to work every morning (from the trailer to the stalls).  We didn’t cook.

Coming back to “real” life is kind of a shock.

There was a Frankenstorm! Oh I guess that’s out of date–I mean Super Storm.

The presidential election is lathering into its final throes (I didn’t miss all those ads.)

My classes were still held. (So, now I have to grade midterm exams from 3 classes, quizzes from 2,  homework from 2).

I have to do laundry, put away all my paraphernalia, catch up with friends, get back on the horses that sat while I was away, make plane reservations to California for Thanksgiving, clean the kitty litter, pay the bills, etc., etc., etc.

All those little things we do these days in our super speed cram-it-all-in-before-we croak lives.


Apparently, over the years, I have become an adrenaline junkie.  To support this hypothesis, my chiropractor says my adrenal glands are over taxed.  (He says that to everyone.)

Maybe there is another neurotransmitter I could become addicted to…seratonin? That one promotes feelings of well being!


So, here is the low down on the show.

I had a really nice run going in working cow horse. I had to run a particular pattern of circles, spins and sliding stops. I had it memorized to the point of dreaming about it. I had all the tricky spots worked out.

I got to the second tricky spot, a lead change.  I was running a circle to the left and had to change to a circle to the right, which required the horse to switch leading legs.

Horse on left lead


Horse on right lead

We executed perfectly, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I proceeded to run a big fast circle instead of a small slow.

Well that bites. 

If you go off pattern they do not deduct a few points.  They give a big fat zero!  I ran my second circle to the right, which was supposed to be big and fast, faster and slightly bigger (not much room left in the arena to get a whole lot bigger.) The judges were not appeased.  I got the goose egg. Buckshot ran a very nice pattern, too.

We then worked our cow well--never lost  control of it.  One of the few all night. I was very proud!

But zeroing the “dry” work eliminates chances of placing.

That was Saturday night.

On Monday, I rode Buckshot at night and had the best work out ever.  On Tuesday he warmed up well, and then in the class everything went great until we got to our stops.  They are supposed to look like this:

Unfortunately, despite out great warm up, when I said “whoa” and expected him to plant it, he sort of sputtered to a stop.

That is a score killer (but not as bad as a zero!). 

We still ended up 5th in the World  and we were not out of our league against full-time trainers that specialize in reining. (And one guy went off pattern!)

There are a few things I need to solidify–oh that would be the stop.

This game is like gambling.  If only I had ONE MORE chance, surely I’d hit it big!

It is unlike gambling in that I have control of the training, so can improve my odds!

Buckshot has gone home.

But he might come back.

And just to add to my gambling habit,  I have taken on ANOTHER project. (Adrenaline junkie.)  “Toots”, A three year old “own daughter” (which just means “daughter”, but emphasizes the impressiveness of which ever “own” they are “of”) of MA Power Sign, a very nice appy reiner who also has a good bit of cow sense. She is coming from All Star Appaloosas.

You can check out her pics at the link.

If I can arrange transport from Texas, she may be here by Monday.






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2 Responses to Back from the World

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Much sympathy for the errors, and congratulations on having made it back. I dunno about the possibility of changing your choice of hormone emotional links at this stage, though. I’m still pushed to my best writing by deadlines…another form of adrenaline rush. Best of luck with the new trainee.

  2. Patty says:

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks! I dunno about changing those hormonal links, either. My softwear would probably fritz out, but it might be interesting to see how it feels for a bit.

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