RAIN-a weather event

By Patty Wilber

There are no windows in my office.

That sounds worse than it actually is.

When I emerged into the world on Wednesday, it was drizzling.  As I drove up the canyon towards home, it got wetter! It seemed prudent to cancel my afternoon  lessons.

Then it stopped.

Might as well ride.

Started pouring. Water racing over the ground, pouring. Haven’t seen that in…I can’t pinpoint the last time.  Months anyway.

Well, it was 5 pm so figured I’d feed and hang around watching the rain a little.  As soon as I got everyone squared away, and my hair was dripping….

It stopped.

Sigh. We need as much rain (ok, not 30 inches in sluicing torrents) as we can get around here.  My pinon trees are dying off  (and I have a brand new chain saw that I can’t seem to start, but that is another story.)

I went inside anyway and graded papers. It hasn’t rained more than 30 minutes in a row at my house in recent memory, so should be good by morning.

Woke up to this 49 F and this:

What happened to the mountain top?

The house is 63 F but I am fine. Am thinking these hot flashes are going to make winter more bearable!

The horses were actually chilled, and because the equines are not so concerned about the height of water in my well, Queri had this to say about the situation:

i am cold and EW! mud!

Penny won’t let Squirt eat with her under the shelter behind the barn, so Squirt got the cow shed, even though that means she has to be alone. Squirt prefers Penny’s company to flying solo.  No one knows why! Penny is so warm and fuzzy to her equine mates. (not)

Penny on a mission. Jaw clenched. "Do Not Mess with Me!" (and Squirt keeps trying to be friends...)

A roof over Squirt’s  head (with hay and without Penny) didn’t strike her as too bad.

I like that old tub--no sharp corners!

We are collecting drinking water for the horses.

Our gutter system to this tank is leaking. This rain should have been able to over flow this 570 gallon tank...(which was about 1/4 full before the rain).

My no-rain-running-into-the-loafing-shed railroad tie configuration is working (and the ties double as obstacles so horses learn to go over things…)

No mud under the loafing shed. That chicken shed needs to go (and you definitely do not want to look inside).

It is down to a drizzle again, though the weather forecast says there will be “a shower or thunderstorm” today. That bugs me.  Shouldn’t it say “showers or thunderstorms”?  Especially since different things can happen, rain- wise, from one end of the street to the other.  Anyway.

I am going to put on a rain coat and head out for a lesson.  In my regular boots.  Found out (the hard way) my rubber ones are leaking!

I hope it rains all day long (with a few breaks for me to get on some horses–I have a show this weekend!) before I head in to help students Gram Stain bacteria.

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7 Responses to RAIN-a weather event

  1. Cathy says:

    Good thing we didn’t have our lesson on Thurs am. See you Tuesday.

  2. BlogPatty says:

    It turned out ok Thurs am–coldish tho! Yes see you next week!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Gutter systems always leak (says the person who’s guttered every roof on the place and hates to see the drips that rob my rainwater tanks of needed stored water.

    We’ve actually had an inch of slow rain since midday yesterday–I was out shredding broomweed and ragweed when I saw very dark columns of hard rain approaching–they veered around us, but we caught edges for hours. We need more.

  4. BlogPatty says:

    Hi Elizabeth–an inch! Wow and slow! Even better. In some areas of Texas I guess some folks say it looks worse than what they remember of thee dust bowl. Yikes.

  5. doranna says:

    Oh, it was wonnnnderful! The ground is still damp, too. 8)

  6. Sage says:

    It is such a tremendus event when it rains in our drought country that we are apt to just stand and watch as if it were the best movie we have ever seen. Or at least I did last week when we finally got about a half an inch of rain here in Rio Rancho. My horses didn’t mind. they stood out in it. Well they did need a bath.

  7. Patty says:

    It has been so very dry the last few years that watching the rain IS a novelty!

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