My, What a Big Nose You Have

ConneryBeagle has a big nose.

ConneryBeagle: YES I DO!  And I like it!

It forms the entire look of his face, from that big black button to his big, expressive round eyes–not to mention the incredible eyebrows.  Those eyebrows can follow you around a room even when Connery is tucked up in a Beagle Ball of apparent sleep.  They’re like extra sensory perception organs.

One might suggest that it’s not such a surprising thing for a scent dog to have said big nose, but it’s not a logic that holds true…for one thing, a dog’s sense of smell happens on the inside of his nose, not the outside.  And the most perceptive areas of his snifferoo are in the vomeronasal duct up in the roof of his mouth, and the ethmoturbinates. (Gesundheit!)

For another, Dart Beagle is a much more intensively scent-oriented dog, a natural tracker of extreme degree, and here is his petite little nose, at the same scale:

Well, we have no answers about Connery’s big nose–but the whiter his little prematurely grey face becomes, the more obvious becomes the nose.

ConneryBeagle:  It is MY NOSE.

In the meantime, because Incredible Bad Luck summer continues, at this past three-day trial, I wrecked my going-wonky foot on the very first run, and I wrecked it so badly that walking made me weep like a baby, never mind running agility.  And being agile.

So while Dart Beagle made it very clear he couldn’t possibly run with someone other than his mommy, ConneryBeagle is a seasoned boy who understands the game, and he’ll play for any handler who can instill him with confidence, and who can be where they need to be, when they need to be to support him.  This isn’t just anyone…but his willing honesty creates options.

This past weekend I was lucky enough that local handler Kim Terrill (NAC MACH2 Hob Nob Classic Tower Of Power UD [Steeple!]) was available and willing to run Connery, and he loved her!  Our streak of bad luck continued when he got a charlie horse in his neck (you can see it affect his jumping style as it kicks in at the end of this video).  We pulled him from the jumpers run after this course and he’s being tended, but meanwhile look how hard he tried for her!

ConneryBeagle: I gave her my BAWHL!  That is how mymom taught me to have FUN!

 Made the best of things lately?  I’m trying to take lessons from Connery…

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10 Responses to My, What a Big Nose You Have

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m trying. Had a nasty fall off the mountain bike Friday, decided to start looking for a less difficult bike to ride on Saturday, and managed to have a painful and worse fall *in the bike shop*.

    Still stiff, sore, pulled muscles from skull to ankle and bruises. Not as bad as your summer of bad luck, but…making the best of serial bad luck is definitely no fun at all. I want my twenties back. OK, my thirties. Some age when I could bike, ride, run, climb, and recovered from falls, scrapes, bruises with rapidity. (Not happening, I know.)

    I love Connery’s big nose. I can even feel what it would feel like if he trusted me enough to prod me with it.

  2. Patty says:

    Must get to working but had to read this first and enjoyed it as usual.

  3. Barbara says:

    An awsome run!

    Do you suppose Connery’s Jimmy Durnte nose contributes to his allergy proglem…or does it juct make him a better singer??? [Hinky Dinky Pare La Vois]

  4. Barbara says:

    PROBLEM not proglem
    JUST not juct

  5. Doranna says:

    I think it just makes him cute. 8)

  6. Doranna says:

    Elizabeth, Connery doesn’t do nose prods so much as whisker kisses and tiny little licks. I’m the only one who gets big licks, but those tend to be very thoughtful hand licks.

    I want my twenties back, too! Yeah! That’s the ticket! I hope you heal quickly from the bike fall. Good grief!

  7. Sue Farrell says:

    I agree will Connery—I like his nose, it’s just a beautiful big nose that fits him perfectly. Hope his neck and your foot are doing better—-but I can tell you, just wait until you his your 60’s—getting old is no picnic!

  8. doranna says:

    Oh, my warranty ran out when I was 27. One of these days I’ll talk about that…I tend not to just out of habit.

  9. Marilyn says:

    Well, I wouldn’t have called it a summer of bad luck up until about four weeks ago. We had mega repairs to the air conditioner (a necessity in south Louisiana) and then we had Hurricane Isaac and 900,000 people without power. Not to mention Isaac hitting on the seventh anniversary of Katrina. Isaac was a Cat1, not a Cat5, but he took 54 hours to come ashore. (My Chicago-based nephew quipped that he’d heard there was a curfew for Isaac. And just think of how much trouble could have been avoided if we’d just told that dang storm it had to be home by dusk!)

    We finally got our power back after seven days. My elderly Sunny was really ill from the heat and I was afraid we were going to lose her. She’s still recovering. So are we. But we WERE lucky on one thing: thanks to packing the freezer with plenty of mass 24 hours ahead, we did NOT lose our freezer full of food like we did in Katrina. Of course, the outside unit on the AC just died and is going to have to be replaced….

    Meanwhile, Babette Beagle enjoyed listening to, and singing with Connery as he ran. She deserves the Beagle Medal of Honor for having entertained three-month old Harper Dachshund during the 72 hours everyone had to stay inside for Isaac.

    It was fascinating, once we had checked the yard to be sure it was safe, how each hound handled the Changes to the Yard. Sunny, Lady of Schedules and Routines, was upset that her yard had been rearranged. Shadow, as senior guardian, had to inspect every inch of it. Babette Beagle, as senior guardian-in-training and errand runner, inspected every inch of it twice, and reported anything unusual to Shadow who then reinspected whatever it was she found. Harper wore himself out following His Beagle.

    Of course, today, we had to replace the outside unit on the air conditioner. $$$$$. Fortunately, we have two smallish emergency window units for just such an emergency, so we are not dying of the heat. Again. Yes, it’s a merry old time in south Louisiana. Times like this, I think wistfully of the five years I lived in Farmington, and of the Four Corners area…

  10. doranna says:

    I’m so glad you’re home again–and that you didn’t lose that freezer of food! I hope Sunny perks up as the season changes…and that things are settling down!

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