The Three Amigos

By Patty Wilber

The Three Amigos: Lacey (JJM Spurs Zan Lace, Quarter Horse), Longshot (unregistered as yet, but Quarter Horse) and LT (which stands for Like Totally, as in Like Totally Awesome, which she is, but it is more the case that it is Like Totally Awesome that she lives at my house! Registered name: Paranormal Activity, Appaloosa…Buckshot’s daughter).

Lacey (far), Longshot, LT

They are all technically two year olds, but in actuality, Longshot is the baby and won’t be two until the end of September.  Nevertheless, they definitely are three of a kind.

LT (left) (buckskin with white butt-spots you can't see), Longshot (sorrel), Lacey (sooty buckskin). They are all about the same height, but Longshot, being younger, is less filled out.

Lacey and Longshot have been good buddies for a year.  LT  joined the bunch a month or two ago, but she fits right in. They LIKE to be together.

Longshot and LT

They are out in a big pen with Penny (who is only 5, but Oh So Much More Mature–in her own mind).  She hates everyone. (Working on that…herbally.)

The shadow tells the story and LT hears it! (ears it?)

Penny was best friends, and submissive to, her friend from foal-hood, Risa.  When Risa found a new home, Penny decided to become Boss Mare, and even though she has always been in  a herd, she apparently never learned appropriate social skills.  Hence Boss Mare = Major Bad Attitude in her case.  Pinned ears, teeth hanging out of her face, charging the peons.  

No one really likes that!

I got a good video of this but it is too big to insert and I have run out of time to figure out how to make it smaller…

Lacey stays far far away.

LT always keeps her eyes peeled.

Longshot is the bravest?  (or least reactive).  He will attempt to engage Penny and will even enter the Attack Zone.  If chased out, he often comes back.  Penny has declined to befriend him, however.

The Three Amigos are going to the south valley (Albuquerque area) for the summer–to a pasture with grass(!!)

Loaded to go to the summer place! Lacey (L), Longshot and LT.

Well, look at all the GRASS! (Turns out there are mosquitoes, too. Good thing they have had their West Nile virus vaccines!

What will Penny do without them?



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