Wither Blog?

Choices, choices…

Work on Wolf Justice ebook production…

Work on Kodiak Chained first draft in the home stretch…

Work on fun blog with silly pictures of silly Dart.

Tracking ConneryTheoretically, all of these things would have happened today.  In actuality, Connery and I spent this time unscrambling logistics for and rolling out on a cat elimination search.  (This would be a search in an area so extensive and difficult that the best goal is to discover where the cat isn’t so live traps can be set in optimal places.)

He did, in fact, also locate several very promising areas, including one deeply hidden cat we couldn’t even get a flashlight on (so may or may not be the cat wanted), and I hope the owner is able to set traps accordingly.

But the Dart pictures will have to wait until the next time, because I has a deadline…or two…

I think maybe I need to get Connery an SAR orange harness for these days.



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5 Responses to Wither Blog?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful Connery! I’m not sure orange goes well with his coat, though (this is a JOKE…of course if he’s doing rescue work, he needs the uniform. Though I used to call my ambulance jumpsuit my “pumpkin suit.”)

  2. Doranna says:

    Yes, Connery needs a pumpkin suit! Sadly, it will not go well with his underlying red-headedness. ;>

  3. Laurie says:

    It may not go with his red-headedness, but orange is “in” this year AND the resulting … uh … VIBRATION would certainly make him difficult to miss!! Go for it and HOORAY, CONNERY BEAGLE!!

  4. Phil Olynyk says:

    I am just very glad to hear that Connery Beagle is up to this SAR work. It can’t be easy to go poking around in places humans can’t get to. I, too, will shout HOORAY, CONNERY BEAGLE!!

  5. Doranna says:

    We don’t take him for granted at any given time, and I think he has a lot of refinement of skills left to do…some of which I probably won’t accomplish until after next January, when we will hopefully get into the TD test (Connery’s health depending…). But right now if we set our goals correctly, he can still generally be helpful. I hope Cat Owner was able to set traps last night!

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