Dart Beagle: The Most Important Part

Hello myname is DartBeagle and I liveheretoo and forsomereason mymommy (minemineminemine) always tellsme to slowdownandthinkbefore I LEAP.

I can’t think why shethinks Ineedtoslowdown.

The Important PartAlso, in order to meetme you should meet mymostimportantpart.


It is singular and by that I mean there is nothingelsetocompare but when peoplesayit I think they meansomethingdifferent.  I make sure Ikeepveryclosetrack of it.  Excuseme, it is timetocheck.

Yep.  Still there.

ConneryBeagle: I could be writing this blog!  BAWH!  I would do it better!

Belle Cardigan: be still i am cleaning your face!

Nevermind them, I am theimportantone rightnow.

Yep.  Still there.

Because mybrotherConnery is notwell, I have been doing morethings.  This is verygood!  mymommymineminemine is showing me how to always sit facing her for a thing called recall and how to sit straight-pretty for a thing called heel.  We are usingmybucket.  This is me and I amlookingearnest.

 Dart on the bucket

She is talkingabout rally obedience trials and maybe obedience if I canfigureout how to stand still for exam.  But that is veryhard because if someone touchesme, I want to curlupandWAG.

But mymommy hasbeenthinking very hard, and that usually means somethingnew will happen to help us learn.  She says that havingfun together is really the mostimportantpart, but I am not so sure.  She wouldunderstand if she had a singular part, too.

Hold on…

Yep.  Still there.

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6 Responses to Dart Beagle: The Most Important Part

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Due to Censorship, I will ask this very carefully of Dartsmom. Is that singular part going to disappear at some future date the way that ConneryBeagle’s plural parts did? Because I’m kind of thinking that maybe this is the same *kind* of part.

  2. Doranna says:

    It is indeed the same kind of part!

    Dart Beagle is going to keep this important part for now. It came with his body for a reason, and because he has no behavioral issues related to this part, and is carefully trained, observed, and contained, his breeder and I see no reason to relieve him of same. Also, he’s been examined to determine that the retained part is situated in a place where it’ll stay healthy and not become a risk of its own.

    (If, as per Connery’s purchase contract, I had to remove said parts in order to have full ownership, I would do so, because that’s important to me. But Dart came to me in entirety from the first. So to speak.)

  3. Deborah says:

    I returned to admire Dart in his bucket several times yesterday and am here once again this morning, doing the same thing. He is so clearly pleased to be doing the RIGHT THING!

  4. Doranna says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying him. I certainly do! He loves that bucket. If it’s laying around knocked over, he’ll put it to rights so he can get up on it.

  5. Vicky Wright says:

    DARTBEAGLE, I amsoglad you have yourown blog thingy. I like to read about CONNERYBEAGLE doing trackingandagility and now I can read about you doingobedience. I was in obedience when I lived in prison. Now I live with Mommy and Daddy. It’s muchbetterwithmoretummyrubs. Love, Layla.

  6. Dart Beagle says:

    I am doingobedience and doingagility and doing tracking. It is winter so thatmakesit hard to do those things but mymommy makes things UP!

    Prison sounds reallybad and I’m glad you’re notthereanymore! *vibrate*

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