Belle Corgi Speaks Out

my name is belle and i am a cardigan welsh corgi and mymommy calls me miss belle.

my big long name is PACH Cheysuli’s Silver Belle, CD RE PAX2 MXP5 MJP6 XFP EAC EJC CGC.

i used to post on connerybeagle’s livejournal but mymom says she has too many things happening to be in all those different places, and maybe i would like to post here if you want me to.

it is my job to be perfect.  mymommy says no, i can make mistakes, but i still think it is my job to be perfect.

last fall mymommy made me retired because i could see i was not being perfect enough in agility and that was worrisome.  but i still need a job.  and now i have one and i think you should all know that beagles are not the only ones around here who run on treadmills.

i am very good at it.  mymommy says so.

after the first day i did the treadmill i ran around giggling for a very long time, and then i sang to my bone.  it was my bone and the beagles could not have it, either.

the vet person says that even though i am twelve whole years old, now that i am retired i should stay strong other ways so my owie back is good.  so i am doing that and it is good to have a job again.  also it is my job to keep the beagles in line, but that is not exercise.  i make them sit still while i clean their faces and they had better not move.

this is a picture where i am doing good work and my connerybeagle is knowing better than to get any closer to my cookies where they come out of the magic dispenser.



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10 Responses to Belle Corgi Speaks Out

  1. Peggy says:

    Belle, we would love to have you post here. Glad you are doing a good job keeping the beagles in line

  2. Deborah says:

    What a fun picture–the eyes say it all!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Miss Belle, you are indeed Perfect in every Miss Belle way. You look very elegant, as well as serious and determined as you work on the treadmill. It is clear that you are keeping your ConneryBeagle properly disciplined.

    I enjoyed the pictures yourmom shared when you were competing, but age comes to all of us. I used to be able to do things that I can’t anymore. I am very happy for you that you have new work you can do without hurting your owie back, work to keep you happy and strong. If yourmom ever gets a picture of you washing the beagles’ faces, I hope she will share that. It is very good for you to make them hold still like that. (And you have more important letters after your name than any human I know.)

  4. Patty says:

    I agree with wanting to see the “hold still while I wash your face” picture!

  5. Belle says:

    it is nice to have welcomes here! i feel happy!

    the beagles do not need their faces cleaned for very long, so it might be hard for mymommy to get a picture. but she does seem to have that camera sitting around so i think you never know. *waggie*

  6. Doranna says:

    You don’t even want to know what the eyes “said” before I took care of the devil-eye glare. LOL! The camera flash is not kind to Belle’s blue eye…

  7. Ruth says:

    Hello again, Miss Belle! I loved meeting you last year. ::scritches:: for you. Hope yourmom lets you post more.

  8. Doranna says:

    Belle is at my feet offering wags of remembrance. Of course, she’s just gotten scritchies, so that could have something to do with it.

  9. Oh hello Miss Belle!

    Its so nice to hear from you after so long. We’re all glad to hear you have a retirement job as keeping busy is very important.

    I (and the cats) would all like to see a picture of beagles getting their faces cleaned. It is very important to do that right!

    Kisses and scritches for you Miss Belle, and share them with your brothers if you wish.

  10. Doranna says:

    I almost got a face-cleaning piccie last night, but it’s one of those things they don’t do if they know you’re watching (because it engages them to come say hi), and the camera counts as watching!

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