Begone, Hello & Beagle!

As far as I’m concerned, 2011 can go take a flying leap.

(No, I am NOT going to make nice!)

Any year that holds so much crap deserves to begone.  We had the endless sick for ConneryBeagle including repercussions from the miracle meds (and the further expensive, ongoing treatment that restricts him from all the things he loves).  One of us here in the household had an extensive laid off and the other is in an industry screaming “help me!”  Editorial transitions inserted half a year of unpaid delay into the schedule on top of endless on-spec projects.  The dog van got $2000 worth of work one week and was totaled by a cell phone driver the next.  (I am not even kidding.  One week later.)  The wonderful new job the other of us finally procured still managed to mess up the paperwork to create a month’s surprise layoff…starting the Monday before Christmas.  And those are just the highlights.


Not just crap for me…crap for so many people.  When you live on the edge for a certain amount of time, it doesn’t take much to tip you over.  There are far too many people in this country living in that precarious place.  The vulnerable 99%, as it were.


Don’t bother telling me that it’s all faint symbolism and not a real reboot.  Leave me my little delusions.

In the meantime, there are always the little things to look forward to.  Say, a certain Beagle finding an Important Spot on the treadmill belt that needs catching.

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2 Responses to Begone, Hello & Beagle!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That’s really cute! How does Miss Belle feel about the treadmill?

    As for 2011…yeah, suckage. Having spouse nearly bleed out (and be too brain-fogged from lack of red cells to carry the oxygen that he didn’t TELL ME the salient points!) and then need both heart surgery and cancer surgery in the same year…and then losing my beloved editor…and various other things…UGH. Glad to see the end of you, 2011. Could’ve been worse, of course. But yeah–too many people on the edge too long.

  2. Doranna says:

    Miss Belle is concerned about the treadmill and needs lots of time to decide she can do it. I think it’ll be very good for her in the end, though.

    Please let me give your 2011 a hearty vicarious HEAVE HO, also!

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