Beagles, Horse, Snow, and Tracking…the Happies

It’s 10am Christmas morning, which is a whole lot later than this day started.  Not because I have eager kids in the house, but because today was my chance to run a certification track with Dart Beagle.

In order to enter the TD (tracking) test, a dog must prove he’s ready.  That means passing on an informal TD track.  Ours was scheduled for Friday the 23rd–but we spent Friday snowbound, digging out from under the third storm in two weeks.

insert random beauty

Before the Storm

Sunrise, right before the start of the storm...


After the Storm

Thirty-six hours later, as the sun is about to set...clearing skies with lenticular clouds sitting on the Sandia Mountains

So we rescheduled for Monday.  But then the certifying judge had to reschedule something of her own due to that same weather, and suddenly here we are on Christmas morning, squeezing in the track together.

It was 15F when we left the house; marginally warmer when I ran Dart’s little starter track (a wee morale builder).  Eventually the sun came up and that helped a bit–when we ran the certifying track a little after nine, it was all blue sky, bright sun, and eager Beagle.

And for Christmas this year, the eager Beagle ran a picture-perfect track and found the glove.  8)

Now I am off to celebrate!

insert random holiday cheer


From the Office

My view from the office at Horse Feeding Time


Duncan in his Blankie

Duncan feeling a bit jaunty in his power red blankie


Happoy Holidays

The dogs say "Happy Holidays!"

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5 Responses to Beagles, Horse, Snow, and Tracking…the Happies

  1. Laurie says:

    WOW! What a wonderful Christmas — Dart Beagle, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (Oooh, does this mean he’s transitioned from carefree puppy to {almost} responsible teenager?) Hope there were many, many COOKIES in your Happy Celebration, Dart!

    DuncanHorse, you are SPARKLING in your Red and Black blankie! Handsome, man, handsome! (I’m really taken by his picture — couldn’t hurt that red & black was my old high school colors & I was a proud member of the Pep Club, could it?)

    And I LOVE your picture, Belle, ConneryBeagle, and Dart Beagle. Happy Holidays right back at you! Many skritches and COOKIES to each of you! Hugs to all!

  2. Ruth says:

    And happy holidays back to the four- & two-legged members of the household. Hugs, scritches and treats for all!

  3. Doranna says:

    Oh, Dart still thinks he’s a carefree puppy. He just thinks that tracking is part of that. ;> And he did get COOKIES!

    He also slept soundly in my lap during our gift-opening the previous evening, too cute for words and completely in the way.

    Ruth, backatcha!

  4. BlogPatty says:


  5. Doranna says:

    The next knuckle-gnawer is waiting to see if I get into the TD test. Yiii!

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