It’s Party Time!

Not quite party time, but getting close!

For starters, there’s the Backlist eBooks site We’re running through a two-stage transition with the authors–currently, they’re pulling their individual author pages today; we’re about a third done with that and it’s looking way cool.

Mine is currently the only page with the complete bookshelf, simply because I’m working everything ahead as an example for the authors…won’t it be totally cool when all 100 of us have all our books up like this?

Definitely working up to a really big party.

Party #2! is this!

After a good long wait to get something on the schedule (I have completed books sitting in the queue), September is quite suddenly the release date for my Nocturne Bite, Demon Touch.

Not only that, it has a really…nice…cover.

Really nice.


Demon TouchNook

Ever since the night Alex Donally found the demon blade in his hand—and in his thoughts—he has been driven to fight evil.

When he meets Deb Marchand, he is compelled to protect her from her violent ex—and aroused by the visions of passionate encounters they both experience when they touch. The blade is showing them what they can have—if Deb can risk giving her trust and heart to a vigilante…

Lookin’ for my party hat…



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2 Responses to It’s Party Time!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The Backlist eBooks site looks Soooooo good. Be glad when all the authors have populated their pages as you have.

    One dumb question: why not put the books with numbers in order? I’m sure you have a reason, it just struck me as odd.

  2. Doranna says:

    *sob* The reason is, this is a WordPress engine, and WordPress can’t do it. The books are in order that their pages were posted, then alphabetically. Sort of. So the best I can do is instruct everyone to use the same date for their post, and then let WordPress “force” it into alphabetical approximation.

    Thanks for the ooohing! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s books up there, too!

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