The Eyes Have It

For today, at least.  That’s because the next step in the Help ConneryBeagle Journey is on the schedule for today, when he’s seeing a doggy ophthalmologist.

(There are only so many times I’ll spell “ophthalmologist” in any given post, so we are now talking about the Eye Vet.)

I don’t think this is a hunt for miracle answers…it’s more that it’s so clinically bizarre for Connery’s sinus issues to be associated with eye infections that we want to check it out.

(For years, my signal that he’s incubating a sinus infection has been a subtle eye involvement; for years, as we’ve moved around, I’ve had to argue with every single new vet/substitute vet that this is the case, including one substitute vet who fought me so hard on it that she delayed things until he was a very, very sick little dog indeed.  I love my current vet because she was willing, in short order, to base his treatment on his history, no matter how inexplicable.)

Once this is done, then we move on to an AeroDawg inhaler, and I gather his records together to head for an alternative vet nearby.

Both of these things are options because we funded a rhinoscopy which didn’t happen, which is pure luck, and because we had the funds at all, which is nothing to do with luck and everything to do with those who have bought (and I hope enjoyed) the book, spread the word or otherwise helped with fundraising, provided good cheer, and made donations.  I am ever grateful for your friendship and continuing interest in Connery’s outcome.

Edit: Aside from the early signs of infection in the eye where I knew he had early signs of infection, Auntie Eye Vet sees nothing of concern with ConneryBeagle’s eyes.  Next, a chat with Uncle Internist Vet to finalize our course of action…but not until Thursday.

And now, before things get too sniffy and sentimental, have some Beagle to start your day:




Cloudcroft Jumpers runs:  The boy was just off a new round of meds and had fun! This is the first video I’ve seen of him in jumpers and it’s clear how hard he works to make this jump height, into which he just barely measures.  And I was startled to see my little hoppity stride at the end; I guess the hamstring is still a problem and I just don’t pay much attention…

The first run is all in gloom—if you can’t see the massive monsoon cloud overhead, you can imagine it!  In the second, don’t you love the body language when I realize he’s *gasp* broken his start line?  There’s a first time for everything…and how about that 180×2 dosey-doe in the middle of the course?  Those seem really popular this season around here…  On run three, I hasten to say I don’t usually fling the leash with such vigor; one takes care not to hit the leash runner.  But this particular (very nice) runner had already moved in on a dog at the start-line to grab the leash, and due to Connery’s “been attacked” history, I don’t allow that to happen, so…I wanted that leash OUT THERE!  Then there’s a dicey little moment on the rear cross to weaves, not unexpected; Connery takes a rear cross as a signal for a pretty sharp angle, and the course forced a cross where the angle wasn’t optimal for us.  What a good boy, to fix it with me!

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4 Responses to The Eyes Have It

  1. Michele says:

    Good luck with the eye vet today, all fingers and toes crossed for a good result. Loved the video, what a plucky little fella he is. Hugs to him.

  2. Ruth says:

    I love how much Connery enjoys agility. Good thoughts continuing to head your way.

  3. Laurie says:

    Got my fingers crossed for your Eye Vet visit, ConneryBeagle!

    What a great video! You sure do have a blast running those courses, don’t you?

    Be happy you don’t go to my Eye Vet. Don’t think you’ll end up with injections in your eye like I’ve had — not all that fun and hardly ANY cookies for being good, either. Bummer. I’m sure your mom will see to it that you get COOKIES for being the wonderful fellow that you are!!! BAHSOME!

  4. Doranna says:

    I’m glad that it comes through, how much he likes doing it. 8)

    I am not even going to WHISPER to Connery about injections in anyone’s EYES. OMG!

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