About that Chaos Factor

If you were bumming around here last week, you saw it already.  If not, it’s still there…the Connery Vet Report, unfolding pretty much “live” and on air.  I’ve left it there for posterity, as it fairly well chronicles this part of our efforts to get him diagnosed and treated for his baffling headsplosions.

But first, take a moment to step aside and gaze at that progress bar on the right.  You know…how many books we have left to sell to fund this stage of the process?

That would be NONE.  Thanks to kind and compassionate friends–some long-time, some gained through Connery’s journey–the CT scan and probable follow-up rhinoscopy are now funded!

So now, we take a moment to CHEER!!!  Loudly!

Connery:  What’s all the excitement?  BAWH!

However, when we last left our intrepid canine hero, he was scheduled for a CT scan and potential rhinoscopy on Saturday the 23rd.

Except for the part where the CT scanner went down.

SO!  I’m right back where I was last Monday when I wrote that blog: even as you read, I’m calling the clinic to set up an appointment for THIS week.

Wish us luck.

And have a good time with Connery’s three standard runs from Cloudcroft, stitched together in my crude, “What do I know from video editing?” way.  8)

PS you can so totally hear the BAWH!

PPS my shorts aren’t asymmetrical.  That’s the hamstring brace.  heh heh heh.

The Play-by-Play…

These were all lovely, flowing courses–not a lot of running, but plenty of “better get moving” and plenty of wrong choices for the dogs.  Just watch how many times the courses segue from what seems like a simple series of jumps into a sudden spray of choices.   (Check out run #2, where our quiet run breaks into a bellowing call-off after the teeter!)  That first day has a particularly wicked section where the jumps along the back row (you can’t see them) are all offset, making it tricky to line the dogs up to take the correct tunnel entrance (and not the wrong tunnel or the weaves).

In these cases, it’s all about the set-up from those “simple” jumps.  Like in the first run–set up for the correct tunnel entrance happened way back at the dogwalk: the lateral distance from the walk combined with the way Connery stuck the contact on his own while I ran out ahead let me work the back line  to the tunnel.


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6 Responses to About that Chaos Factor

  1. Giselle says:

    ^_^. just ^_^.

  2. Doranna says:

    Funny, that’s the look on my face when I watch the video, too!

  3. KarenJG says:

    BAWH!!!!! Great runs, great progress bar!

    (Like my own dogs, I’m selectively deaf when it comes to hearing things I don’t like, such as broken CT scanners setting you back.)

  4. Doranna says:

    Not a bad approach…

    Especially as the scanner is still down!

  5. BlogPatty says:

    What fun to see him in action!!

  6. Doranna says:

    BAWH! ;>

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