Two Cool Things in May

Here is the first very cool thing for May.



This lizard was snoozing in the cool pile of cheapo wood shreddings we acquired for the desperate purpose of turning our new yard into something that *isn’t* an adobe mud version of quicksand.

(Mainly, we were worried that short-legged little Belle would take one step out there and…slowly…disappear…)

That was 18 months ago; since the initial application, we’ve been slowly whittling away at the pile, applying patch-jobs to the yard as needed.  One day it’ll be an archeological masterpiece, layers and layers of unevenly shredded yard brush, old pallets, and the occasional dismantled house compacted into the clay adobe soil and decomposed into a solid layer.  Pity the fool who ever puts a bulldozer to THAT.


Back to Mr. Lizard. HE IS SO COOL.

And although his shreddings pile is now smaller than it used to be, I bet he’s still got plenty of room to call home.


Oh, but I promised TWO COOL THINGS and I have them. Thing number two is the Backlist eBooks Merry May sale.

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4 Responses to Two Cool Things in May

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Is this your lizard?

    Supposedly it’s in NM as well.

  2. Doranna says:

    Yes, that’s him. I meant to identify him in the post. Wuh. I confess to being pretty wrung out by the BAcklist eBooks sale prep!

  3. BlogPatty says:

    Maybe a Prairie Skink, but skink for sure!

  4. Doranna says:

    Hmm, I think not for the Prairie Skink…he matches that Great Plains Skink perfectly, and the Prairie not so much (in the pictures I’m seeing)? (Is there something that makes you think *not* a Great Plains? I am not so expert with skink ID!)

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