The Fourth Wall

We have been breached!

You know that wall? The Fourth Wall? Blooey! Gone!

That’s the wall that stands between the characters on a page and their readers–and the wall that every now and then, we peek through. Rarely in the actual book, but sometimes on the side. Sometimes we’re just having fun…sometimes we’re trying to offer a peak into our characters and our worlds.

As a reader, there are ways this works for me and ways it doesn’t. Character interviews, yes. Characters on FaceBook, a resounding no.

Letters from characters? Hmm. It depends! And it depends on whether it really feels true to character voice, or if it just sounds like the author doing a book pitch through the character. Maybe it’s not easy to do, at that.

Anyway, if you hate them, stop reading! Quick! Run away! Because here is is, Mickey Finn’s letter as presented by Eye on Romance. I have to admit, it tickles the muse quite mightily. But what I want to know, really, is how about you? Does breaching the wall work for you in any way? Yes, no, run away? And if it does, what do you like about it?



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