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I had a whole post of Dart’s rally pictures and happy little plans to make happy little chatter about the rally fun match the previous weekend  and this past weekend, our first UKI trial starring Dart (Connery is on the bench due to his meds).

Then came last Friday morning, when Duncan Horse woke up sick and got sicker.  And sicker.  And, even as one of us set up trial gear an hour away, ultimately and obviously too sick for owner management.

So at the moment it looks like he got a virus, which snuck quietly up and then bloomed overnight into dehydration, which caused (not too bad) impaction colic, during which the fever spiked up and complicated the colic recovery.  All of which caused much back and forth to the barn–checking the horse, walking the horse, petting the horse, kissing the horse’s nose, medicating the horse, introducing tiny tiny handfuls of food to the horse, blanketing and coddling and…

Okay, so.  I didn’t write a blog for today. It would have had cute pictures and happy little chatter, though.

But here is a picture that exemplifies Dart’s frame of mind when we ran down to the trial site on Sunday to grab the gear, and grabbed a few quick runs while we were at it (while Duncan had a baby-sitter).  That, of course, is the innards of the toy he stretched his evile prehensile toes out of the crate to acquire and smite.  The rest of the stuffing is in the background.



Evile Dart

Yeah. Because that little beard of stuffing belongs there.

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4 Responses to Insert Cute Dog Photo Here

  1. Leonore says:

    hope Duncan is feeling better.

    did Dart-man eviscerate the green moon toy?

  2. Doranna says:

    Yes, the green moon toy is now flaccid.

    He was a verybaddog. Ahem.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    That is not contrition on his face, either. That is “When suckage is going on, destroying a toy is the only right response. Nyah!”

  4. Doranna says:

    That is not the least bit contrite, indeed. It’s a little hard to read from that angle, but it’s extreme self-satisfaction. It was actually pretty cute. I knew that green moon wouldn’t last long, anyway.

    But I have another!

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