Note to the Hammie

O Hammiestring
That went ping!
I can’t exactly put you in a sling
And don’t you know that it is spring?
The sun is out, the air is clear, and I am ready to take WI-
*lurch, crumple, stagger*

Thus the imminent scene at the second localish trial of the spring, the first of which, 2 1/2 weeks ago, saw to the self-destruction of my hamstring.


Am I not stylin', in my hammie wrap?

I’ve been practicing…trying to develop an alternative ambulation. So far I have skip, lurch, and an odd sort of race-walking.  That last is not really something to do in public.

I plead insanity.

But around here, we don’t have many trialing opportunities, and this is one of our favorites.  And the truth is…I can’t stand the thought of missing a trail when the future feels so uncertain right now.

At going on 12 years, Miss Belle is running jumpers only, halfway to retirement.  I keep a close eye on her for signs that it might be time to consider complete retirement.  She’s reached PAX2 level, and has already qualified for the new (in July) PACH title–completely analogous to the MACH, but with a lower jump height.

Well, not completely analogous. There’s the bittersweet fact that her placement multipliers–available to every MACH-running dog during the same time-frame–won’t be counted.  If so, she’d have her PACH2, but my sense of things is that she’ll now run out of time to finish off that PACH2 without them.

Little Inner Squeaky-Whiney Voice: It’s not fair!

Well, she won’t know. And PACH is not too shabby for a little girl who was partially paralyzed at age five and lost so much time to ongoing flares over the years, even as the training kept her as strong as possible.  But I know.  And I know she deserves the same acknowledgement as those dogs who ran for their MACHs during that time, and I know it upsets me that she won’t get it.

And so I can’t bring myself to miss this trial. You know.   Not only just in case it really does come to matter, but also just in case it’s one of the few we have remaining.

As for ConneryBeagle–well!  We’re running on the unknown, for sure–no idea what’s in his future, or if I’ll be able to fund the procedures that will lead to answers and maybe solutions.  He’s 100 points away from MACH2, and he loves the run with a fierce joy.  So am I going to not try?  Yeah, I don’t think so.

So I am full of Bio-Freeze, flexeril, massage, elliptical, PT exercises, and stretches. And I shall lurch, hop, skip, and funky-walk my way around the course.  We might not qualify because of it, but yes–we will try!

PS Dart?  Dart has lots of time. This weekend, he’ll run one day to get his paws wet, and then he’ll bask, watching the action.

O Hammiestring
That went ping…

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