Oh, but first, let’s go to Dart Beagle.

Because Dart Beagle has a nose. What’s more, he likes to use it.

Dart’s just starting with active tracking training. He’s got an idea (in the abstract), of article indication.  Now it’s time to explore the concept of following a track to find COOKIES along the way.

Or, in Dart’s case, grab the concept with vigor, shake it like a rat, and toss it aside to acquire the COOKIES.


Dart, it turns out, likes to track.

Dart on the line

Dart might possibly be eager to follow the track

Dart, article

Dart still needs help recognizing the article as the same thing from article training, but he's getting there!

He still has many conceptual leaps to make (on Saturday he learned that tracking involves more than one tracker/scent, and that his task is the same regardless), but for now, we’re immersed in the glee of his initial response to the whole exercise.




Connery is still at work, too–learning new surfaces, new article types, and how to deal with aging scents.  Over the weekend, he ran a wonderful track with a plethora of articles and a nice age to it.  He’s working shortish sections to keep his motivation high and avoid, as much as possible, triggering his headsplosions.  That’s going to happen regardless–wherever he is, whatever he’s doing–but I hope to avoid associating them with tracking if possible.

Gearing Up

Gearing up. One of us is already READY!

Connery on the line

Connery at work. See that jaunty movement in his hocks? That's part of his "tell" that he's on scent.

He’s been to see the autoimmune specialist (Auntie Specialist Vet!)–who, all things considered, he adored and so did we.  He passed that inspection with flying colors, and no obvious suspect for the cause of the (wheezing/snorking/sneezing) headsplosions, or for his pain.  We’re now headed for Auntie Special Specialist Vet #2, an internist, with whom we’ll target…well, internal causes.


The tests to determine same are far beyond available funds, of course.  It’s thanks to readers and friends that we’ve gotten this far.

(If you ever doubted the effect of the economical and technological changes on the publishing industry…well…don’t!)

So here’s this week’s tally:
And so cute!
ConneryBeagle: WIN! Such a good boy!
Auntie Specialist One: WIN!
Me: Still asking for help for Connery. Not even beating around the bush.  If you have a moment…


Spreading the word about THE HEART OF DOG, our fundraising project, is easy:

~~Click the Tell a Friend button down there

~~ Go to B&N and click LIKE to express an interest in the book.

~~ Go to Amazon and click their LIKE button.

~~There’s no need to be on FaceBook or to have read the book to help TAG IT on Amazon–just follow the link and scroll down to the tags.  They’re all factual, and just make it easier for people to see the book so they can decide if it might be of interest.

~~Review it if you’ve read it.  Anywhere that suits you!

~~Ponder where fundraising above and beyond might serve well; Second Chance in Flagstaff is the first on the list…

~~The book itself is $3.99, and doesn’t require an e-reader; there are PDF versions, and the really nice EPUB version can be read with free Adobe Digital Editions.  It has 16 short stories, plenty of humor, plenty of thoughtful  satisfaction, and a enough sentiment to make you smile–and it comes courtesy of award-winning authors who donated the bulk of the stories for Connery’s sake:  Jeffrey Carver, Julie Czerneda, Tanya Huff, John Mierau, Fiona Patton, Jennifer Roberson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, &  John Zakour.

The goal?  A thousand copies so we can take the next step.  And then it’s all for WIN and WIN for all!

(The bonus piccies…)

the scene

One of the reasons I love tracking

Sucks to be us

Sucks to be us. Not. (Beagle in the grass!)

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  1. Ruth says:

    I have clicked like in both places. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see those mountains again. And hooray!! for all the wins!

  2. Doranna says:

    Those are out in Placitas. Too bad we won’t still be tracking there when you come through, we could have visited right there!

    And THANK YOU. It makes so much difference!

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