And Me Without My Towel

Storm of Reckoning

It's a BOOK!

Can’t you just feel taxes creeping up on you?  Can’t you, huh, huh?

Well, wuh.  I find that, organizationally, I’m still digging out from the two years of domicile in transition.  This year, I find myself in the middle of two things–scraping together facts and figures from a system that no longer works, and creating a new system that does work.

My brain hurts.

Where is my chocolate?

How many different pieces of software can one person learn at one time?

Is “without” supposed to be capitalized in that title up there, or not?

Wait!  I know, I know!


That is all.

(Oh, I lie–because I’m still rushing around the Internets, celebrating the release of Storm of Reckoning.  You can find me:

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4 Responses to And Me Without My Towel

  1. Amy Junker says:

    Don’t Panic!!!

    Sorry, that’s all I have that’s even remotely constructive.

  2. Doranna says:

    But it’s always a good one!

  3. I’m heading off to buy tax software momentarily. I used to do it all manually but that led to a lot of drinking LOL. The software solution works for me.

    Speaking of your new baby, Storm of Reckoning, I just finished it. I really loved it Doranna. You did a fine job.
    I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Garrie and company.

    After reading your blog post about Sedona it was cool to ‘see’ it in the book too. I also just finished reading a Robyn Carr book that has Sedona in it. Its a hopping place!

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