In Defiance of Chaos

It’s Thursday the 3rd as I write this; I’m heading east toward Clovis, NM.  The temperature has just (finally) broken 0*F, and there’s sunshine streaming into the van.  There’s a three-dog cuddle-pile in the crate.  The highway is covered with snow that, in these temps, just laughs the sunshine.  I can’t type with gloves, but I’ve got my wristies on!

This is Dart’s debut trial, for which I am alternately anxious to do well or prepared for ultimate humbling silliness.  Last Sunday, I thought, “Best go into this one well-rested and calm.”

Monday: Ha ha ha!  I spit at your calm!  And also, here is some crushingly bad personal news of tremendous consequence to handle!

Tuesday: Oh yeah?  I call your chaos and raise you some GUESS WHAT!  Here is all the work not done on Monday, all of Tuesday’s work, consequences from the crushingly bad news, a foot and a half of snow, and CHECK OUT THESE TEMPS!

Temperatures: plunge

Dogs: Go outside in THIS?  We want in!  But oh, we didn’t do our business, it was too cold, we want out!  In!  Out!  Dart: Never mind.  I took care of everything in here.

DuncanHorse: I am twenty this year.  I am not doing well in this cold.  Don’t I have a better blanket?  No?  Bran mash, please.  Watch me and fret.  Did you hear about that horse that colicked in last night’s cold?  Did you remember that colic almost killed me last year?  Did you put me on colic watch?  You did?  Thank you very much.  Don’t kiss my nose or your lips will freeze to it.

Wednesday: I have some excellent additional chaos for you in the office!  Massive hardware issues!  Software is funky!  And I’m even colder.  But see?  You can keep warm outside in 6F, as long as you’re working hard to mange the barn, and saving the new agility equipment from the snow, and preparing the van for travel.  Isn’t that neat?

Wednesday: And oh, PS.  I was supposed to be warmer tonight but I CHANGED MY MIND.  I’m aiming for -20.  Want to come along?

Dogs: Just forget it.  Seriously.

DuncanHorse: No, really.  I don’t feel right.  This blanket and liner used to be enough for me but…no thank you, I don’t think I’ll finish my warm bran and soaked hay pellets.

House: By the way, my pipes are already freezing even though you’re still using the water.

Gut Feeling: horsecolichorsecolichorsecolichorsecolichorsecolichorsecolichorsecolic

Me: Runs out to friend’s house for heavier blanket. Oh look!  I’m STUCK IN THEIR DRIVEWAY.  In the dark.  At -12F! NOT PACKING. *specific off-color running commentary deleted*

Me: Finally extricated.

DuncanHorse in borrowed blanket: I feel better already.  Thank you!  I nuzzle you all over.

Dogs: What about us?

House: creaaaak

Me: It’s 10pm and I haven’t started packing my gear, never mind the van!

Bed: You want me.  You know you want me.

Van: What makes you think I’ll start in the morning, anyway?

House: Seriously.  Stop packing and do something with these pipes.

Note: So far, this doesn’t feel very much like restful calm to me.

Thursday: Did you even know it could get this cold?  I’m so proud!

Spot the Car, blocking the Garage: Maybe the van started, but I have no such intention.

Van: Have you checked my tires?

DuncanHorse: I am much better, but more warm mash before you go, please!

Office: I know you weren’t going to come in here today, but I saved up one last giant splooge of Chaos for you.

Dart: By the way, this is all too exciting, and I’ve forgotten every little bit of agility you might have thought I knew.

So here we are on the road, ONLY 45 minutes late?  Heading to have a weekend of agility in a favorite venue with favorite people?

Yeah. I’ll take it!

Dogs: *happy snooze*


Rest Areas Along Stretch of Big Wide No Other Options: By the way, we aren’t open today.  Too cold, y’know.

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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8 Responses to In Defiance of Chaos

  1. Ruth says:

    ((hugs)) Sorry to hear about all the chaos.

  2. Doranna says:

    Should I mention the storm that blew through and kept us wondering until the last minute if we could even make it home, so I was simultaneously memorizing courses and planning “stuck out of town” strategies with three dogs and missing meds?

    Oh, hey! How about the way the computer literally blew up in my face when I turned it on upon arriving home?

    Well, we did get home and the computer was temp-fixed by some very able family (it was the power supply; I knew something was lurking in the computer, but didn’t have enough info to figure it out. Now it’s kinda obvious). I was quite chuffed with myself to have gotten this blog up, but somehow it seemed appropriate…

    I will admit, though…my nerves are now shot. Chaos, go somewhere else please!

  3. oh man, I’m sorry to hear that you have been living at the epicentre of chaos!
    You have so many creatures to worry about beside troublesome pipes and computers! Sending calm and positive thoughts your way.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Gussie’s great aunt Mehitabel—that is an EPIC load of chaos. SO sorry. (Tiptoeing in with a very soft cuddly throw, a cup of favorite hot beverage, a few freshly made cookies of a kind you can eat. Tiptoeing out to take care of dogs and horse for a few hours, explaining to them that I’m not their mom, and I’m not perfect, but dogmom/horsemom needs her rest.)

  5. Doranna says:

    Epic load of chaos–I like that! How oddly cheering to think of it that way.

  6. Caryn says:

    (sending soothing and warm vibes south)

    I’m impressed you’ve coped and not just curled up in a ball under the covers with a good book which is what I’d have done.

  7. Claire Eamer says:

    Gack! Just contemplating your life makes me hide under the covers. With a good book. Current good book is….let me see…. Storm of Reckoning, on my Kobo. Look out covers, here we come!

  8. Doranna says:

    Yay! Kobo! EBook! MY eBook!

    Yes, I’m about to go hide under the covers, too. We’ve got another arctic air storm moving in…

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