Look! I Found Poo!

Morning in the dog yard…

Dogs: We are full of US!!

We have a routine. Dogs get fed; Belle and Dart go outside.  Connery stays inside to inspect the house until he’s ready to play, at which time he presents himself, and we have a round of fetch.  Then out he goes.

(Why special?  Because he so often hasn’t felt well this past winter, and I need to assess him…and when he doesn’t feel well, being special helps.  And when he feels fine, then I get to enjoy it!)


(I told you he talks in all caps a lot, right?)

Then the horse gets his morning feed and chores, and then it’s off to the dog yard for chores, where the dogs are waiting.

Dogs: It’s our turn!  We rock!

Dart: See my toy!  See my toy!  See my toy!

Connery: Me!  Me!  Me!

Belle: I will help you keep those two boys in line, hee hee!  I bark at you, boy dogs!  You Beagles!  You dogs with legs!  Behave yourselves!

Me: Yes, yes.  You’re all quite wonderful.  But I have a job to do.

You may guess what this is.

Backyard Chore Corner

Isn’t that special?

Dart: Throw my toy!  Throw it!  I make mooing noises at you because my toy is so special and I want you to throw it!  I throw myself at your feet!  I wiggle uncontrollably!

I have one hand free, so of course I do.

Belle: Bark!  I bark! That boy dog is being rambunctious!  He has long legs!  He’s brown!

Connery lurks. Dart’s toy isn’t one he wants.  Belle is just being noisy.  But he is a working dog and he has things to do.  And he is a tracking dog, so he knows how to do them.

Connery: Over here!  I found poo!

Yes, Connery helps me clean up the yard.

Dart is unmoved by this display of responsibility. He dashes up the hill that borders the yard–quite steep, if short, and it could probably use a retaining wall but at this point is covered with chipper shreddings from the nearby recycle station where they take brush and offer really cheap, crude ground covering in return.  In a land of adobe mud, these shreddings have saved my sanity.

Dart loves the hill. He loves the chipper shreddings.  He LOVES to throw himself on his back and sled downhill head first, upside down, wiggling to scratch his back all the way.  With the favorite toy of the moment in his mouth as he goes.

I am so, SO sorry that I haven’t been able to get a picture…but even if I had the camera, my hands are usually otherwise engaged.

Connery: Over here!  I found poo!

Yard dogs

Yard dogs, watching me from the hill

Sneeze dog

Bonus pic! Because Connery...is about...to...SNEEZE!

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5 Responses to Look! I Found Poo!

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  2. Ruth says:

    I love that last picture. And how very smart of Connery to help you clean the yard.

  3. Doranna says:

    He is a very good boy! 8) He’s doing more and more conceptual thinking as he goes along.

  4. KarenJG says:

    Huckleberry helps me, standing by the poo until I notice him standing and looking intently at the ground, and go investigate. Sometimes there isn’t any poo, though. He just gets a kick out of making me come over to him by *pretending* to find poo. (I should note, Alfred also “helps” – but his purpose isn’t to help me find it, his goal is to eat it *before* I find it.)

  5. Doranna says:

    Yes indeed, that is helpful.

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