Pill Bug Belle

If dogs could fingerpaint on the walls, mine would be doing it.

Also, channel surfing and throwing themselves around in dramatic postures.


Yes, we have cabin fever. We have it BAD.  Between the storm days and the follow-up air-crackling temperature plunge, we have not trained for DAYS.

Oh, I lie.  I’ve been doing bits and pieces inside. (The weave poles: inside.  A faux tunnel, inside.)

(Have I mentioned that Dart hits his first agility trial in a month?  Ha ha ha!!)

But there’s been no tracking, no riding, no romping around outside. And while I’ve done my best to protect Belle’s back from the cold, inside and outside, she has nonetheless gone into a flare of her spinal condition, so she’s on meds and crate rest.

But before that, she was Pill Bug Belle.

Pill Bug Belle

Belle Cardigan in pill bug mode thanks to cold, cold temps and her heavy jacket

She doesn’t appreciate it when we giggle at her efforts to trundle around, trying to go up stairs or over the lip of a crate.  But she’s awfully cute.  And she totally looks like a Pill Bug.

Belle Cardigan: *stomps foot*  It is not funny.

Dart Heathen Puppy has Exploding Head Syndrome, and Connery is curled up in a Beagle Ball.

ConneryBeagle: Wake me when it is spring.  Or I can train.  Whichever comes first.  *snore*

The dogs like to be in their yard.  They like to train.  They WANT.

However, today the temps went up enough so Dart could spend time in the yard.  And Connery got to run some starter tracks and turns in the snow.  Sunny and bright and calm, and in the 20s!

Maybe I’ll even get to ride soon.

Until then, I have these little reminders of a week ago, when Connery got his TD certification and Dart worked on his article indication, which is about showing me when he finds an article on a track (plastic, leather, cloth, or metal).  His criteria for doing this thing is to stop at the article and go on a down.  He’s only just starting this process…

Token Cutie Shot

Dart Beagle in Token Cutie Shot: I am ready!

Waving in the General Direction of the Article

Dart gestures in the general direction of the article. "See? There it is! Cookie, please!"


Are you watching? It's here!

Finally!  A down at the article.

Oh, I have to do the WHOLE THING. Well, LOOKIT ME.

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4 Responses to Pill Bug Belle

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You can almost see the “STUpid mom, can’t you SEE?” in that one shot. I hadn’t realize he had so much white on his back legs (have we seen that many shots showing his back legs?)

    It’s interesting that his every posture even in still shots reveals his different personality from Connery’s.

    Belle is adorable and cute-funny in her blanket. But she is SO not amused. Fixing me with that gaze that says “Don’t you DARE laugh!” No, Belle, I won’t ever laugh at you.

  2. Doranna says:

    There’s been a shot or two of his haunch end, but probably nothing in the direct sunlight as this is!

    You are so right about his movement being totally different from Connery’s.Connery is thoughtful and goofy and leapy, with very open body language; Dart is quicksilver, crouchy, and gravity-free. Very much a reflection of their personalities.

    Belle is fine with her jackets in general, but that one is restrictive enough with her short legs that she really is Not Amused. Poor girl! She’s wearing her lightweight jacket for crate rest and doesn’t mind that.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    But what a different Dart it is from the first looks we had of him. (And very different from the first reports we had of him.) So much less strain showing, so much less confusion in his eyes. He’s in a place where–though he may not agree with the rules (no peeing on the pillows)–the rules are consistent and he’s finding himself able, gradually, to conform and expect good things to come from cooperation.

    Do reassure Connery that he remains the Beagle with the biggest Fan Club in the wide, wide world.

  4. Doranna says:

    He’s really beginning to get the way rules work, as well as the way training works (two different things). And he feels settled and comfortable and loved.

    We reassure Connery all the time. He’s a little worried. Dart is a natural cuddler so ends up getting lap time that Connery might have casually claimed if the lap had only been empty…

    We’re working that.

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