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It’s another week of fun stuff, which seems just about right for this time of year.  Not only do I have a new cover to share, but I am all about the glee because I have…


A book trailer! For Storm of Reckoning!

1. Cover!  Cover!  Cover!  So excited! (Does it show?)

What do I like best, you ask? Garrie is perfect!  And doesn’t the river look spooky?  And look!  There’s Sklayne!

Wait, you mean I have to choose ONE best?

Nah.  Not gonna happen.

Deep River Reckoning is a novella set in my Reckoners world.  Stand-alone, and in a timeline that…well, call it wishful thinking.  It’s Garrie and Trevarr and Sklayne, and it’s the journey of a post-living woman [Garrie’s words, those] striking close to home while living and dead clash over the mysteriously damaged spirits of the Rio Grande.

($1.49 ~Kindle ~Smashwords)

2. BOOK TRAILER! Storm of Reckoning!

Storm of Reckoning is the second book in the Reckoners series (the first aptly being titled Reckoners).

Lisa “Garrie” McGarrity is young woman once mentored by a ghost who now leads a ghostbuster team–all of whom are recently entangled with Trevarr, a fiercely driven demon-hunter from a different dimension.  After tumultuous adventures in San Jose, the team finds themselves much changed and struggling to adjust, while Trevarr returns to this world–and to Garrie–a battered exile.

But Garrie and her team don’t head for home; Quinn Rossiter has a lady friend in Sedona who needs their help.  There, in that area of power convergence, Garrie is astonished to find the ethereal breezes quiet, the earth’s activity so diminished as to be nonexistent…if you don’t count those oddball surges that don’t taste like our world at all.  Soon enough, Quinn’s skeptical friend soon goes missing…soon enough, their efforts to contain the situation go amazingly awry.

With Trevarr wary and alert, his opinionated not-cat bond partner dropping dire hints of trouble on their trail, Sedona ghosts rising to act out against Garrie wherever she goes, and one living Keharian ethereal breeze detector gone completely amuck and on the loose, she has only just so much time to figure out what’s going on before the power plays are too much even for this one-of-a-kind reckoner and her otherworldly partner.


PS The default place where the book trailer “hovers” between plays?  It’s not my fault!

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8 Responses to Continuing Coolness

  1. Whoa! This trailer is majorly kewl! I like, I like!

    • Doranna says:

      Oh, I am SO glad. I pushed some of my natural inclinations with this one…heh. That was scary!

  2. Peggy says:

    Very nice. Guess what that is the only vid that did NOT freeze on my computer.

  3. Doranna says:

    Peggy–Hooray for the non-freezing vid!

    My wording in the blog wasn’t clear…I was referring to the spot in the video where it “hovers” between plays. I just changed that wording!

  4. KarenJG says:

    OOH! That really whets my appetite for the new book! February is still too far away, but at least it’s in sight, now. (Already got Deep River Reckoning, but at that price, I may have to buy it again, just to get the new cover!)

  5. Doranna says:

    Karen–you see? I totally like the way you think. However, if you got the book at Smashwords, then you should be able to download the updated cover/version. That’s one of the cool things about them–it’s no big deal to get the most recent version!

  6. BlogPatty says:

    How fun is that?!

  7. Doranna says:


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