Graphically Speaking

Making the Rules

What, you thought you were going to get [deleted deleting deletized]?

Nah.  Not graphic language.  Just graphics. That within which I’ve been immersed, one way or another, since kicking off the Backlist eBooks adventure–both individually and the actual Backlist eBooks project with my author/artist partner-in-crime, Patricia Ryan.

I started my backlist work with an idea for a standardized presentation–a branding–and my alpha responders were all very positive about it.  However, the more one learns about the whole biz, the more one wants to stretch a little bit.

Sometimes, when you want to stretch, it’s a good thing to look through someone else’s eyes and skills.  So, sez I, all wheedly-like to above friend Pat:  “Heeeeey, Paaat….whatcha doin’?”

Which she was smart enough to interpret as, “Hey, Pat, did you say you were getting into cover art?  Because I have me an interest.”

I’ll fiddle with the short story covers myself (one of these days in my copious spare time), but right now the books are slowly enjoying a do-over.  First we did A Feral Darkness, and as of this week–ta-da!–Making the Rules has new clothes, too!

I, of course–OF COURSE–have to show it off. Because that’s really part of the whole writer thing–sharing the experience of what’s been written.

Or didn’t you know?



Backlist eBook/Original: September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4524-2556-6
cover by Pat Ryan Graphics

$2.99 eformats

An orphaned Silhouette Bombshell original: Hunter Agency operatives Kimmer Reed and Rio Carlsen, overseas and cut off from the agency on their first assignment together, face an old enemy who wants it all: political terrorism, theft–and revenge. Not only that, she knows just how to get it–by turning their greatest strength into their greatest weakness: their love for one another.

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4 Responses to Graphically Speaking

  1. Adrianne says:

    OH! I love the new cover!!! Pat rocks!

  2. STUNNING! No other word for it. It mesmerizes. Thumbs up, Pat!

  3. Doranna says:

    Awww! Thank you!

    It’s a wonderful working process, too– a little chat about what might be a good direction, and then I hunt down some image ideas and we go “Ooh! That one!” 8) And when I ask for changes, she hits them right on!

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