The Rainbow Connection

It’s a dog day afternoon as I write this. At this household, that means the dogs have had good work and adventures for a couple of days, and are replete.    The day is warm enough the sunshine invites stretching out, and the dogloos are there for moments of indulgent comfort, full of blankets and cozy.

D’Artagnan Beagle has spent the week learning many small lessons. At the vet, one does not make a fuss.  When meeting other dogs, one does not make a fuss.  While waiting in the car, one does not–oh, wait–how did you know what I was going to say?

In any event, he’s officially microchipped now, officially introduced to Vet, and has spent quite a few days zooming around the agility field to put polish on contact zone behaviors, tighten up those channel weave poles another smidge, and ponder the first glimmerings of rear crosses.

Very distant glimmerings, those rear crosses.

I’ve just gotten my hands on a new jump, and in the not-distant future, I’ll put the fake broad jump boards out back to work on that independently of the agility yard.  (The real broad jump was shattered by the hail; replacement not yet here.)

When the new teeter gets here, we’ll start the next phase of work on that.  In the meantime, here is Dart Beagle zooming up to the end of the old pre-damaged teeter for treats (while I hold it suspended until he gets there, and then let him ride it down).

Dart Teeter

Dart completely lacks enthusiasm, as you can see

Belle Cardi has been important this week simply by being important. She’s come to Connery’s tracking, where she was allowed to wander around the desert scrub a bit and soak up scritches from the other handlers.  She’s done her agility practice, which involved a lot of giggling on her part.  Just as it should be.

Connery Beagle, sadly, has spent most of the week curled into an abject ball of not feeling well. It’s been coming on for several weeks…his unusual autoimmune issues always nail him at the change of season.  Always subtly, and always hard to figure out.  In this case, he’s been nursing another of his stealth sinus infections, and has come up with creative new subtle symptoms, without invoking any of the old ones that would have allowed me to figure things out sooner and prevent the abject ball of misery phase.

But he’s feeling better now. And he would like to show off his new tie-dyed leash, which, OF COURSE, we are obliged to call…

Well.  You know.

Connery's Rainbow Connection

Connery and his Rainbow Connection

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4 Responses to The Rainbow Connection

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love the “Airborne Dart” picture…total lack of enthusiasm, right. And Connery with his fancy leash.

  2. Doranna says:

    Connery was a bit worried when I set him up for that piccie — he gets that way when he’s been sick. But I think we got a nice earnest Beagle face from him anyway. 8)

    Dart! Yes. Dart’s issues on the agility course will be focus and learning how to rein in that enthusiasm. He is, at moments, a BC in a Beagle suit. (At other moments, 100% Beagle!)

  3. Peggy says:

    I love Connery leash, even if he thinks it is beneath his dignity to model. Dart is just so full of him self.

  4. Doranna says:

    Connery’s not quite sure of things in that picture…a little worried. He gets that way when he’s been sick. He’s getting his perky moments back, though!

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