NookitaSeveral weeks ago, someone here casually offered up the perfect name for my as-of-yet  unpurchased Nook.


But OH! I have searched the archives through and can’t find who did it!  I think…Karen?  Alas for my brain…

Well, that was several weeks ago. At the time, I was still an e-reader wannabe.  A rather feverish one, in fact.

What brought this on, you might wonder? After years of watching from the sidelines without a whole lot of interest?


Couldn’t afford an ereader at previous prices. Couldn’t read fiction on a monitor.  (Or anything of length.  Eyes.  Overworked.  Tired.)  Didn’t see anything on the market that gave the ereader added value.  Felt overwhelmed by the learning curve.

And then came:

  • Cheaper devices
  • More devices from which to choose
  • Devices with better connectivity


You will laugh…

Backlist eBooks.

Because suddenly, ereading can give me access to books I can’t get any other way–books I wanted, books for which I’d hoped to see new editions but knew better.

And, as it turns out, the very process of preparing my own out-of-print books for “me-release” also gave me quite the education–formats, download process, resources…suddenly it wasn’t so overwhelming any longer.  Suddenly it hadn’t really been that hard all along.

Yeah.  The more I interacted with it all, the more I realized, “Ooh baby!”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love paper. I love the feel of it, the smell of it, the heft of it.  I love flipping pages.  I love staring at the covers, picking out my favorite elements, and seeing the spines lined up on my book shelves.  (I maybe don’t so much love lugging around book boxes during a move, but I’ve done enough of that in the past couple of years to hold me for a while.)

A Feral DarknessBut the very coolest thing about ereading is that it isn’t either-or.  It’s opportunity.  It doesn’t replace, it works in tandem with print.  Well, sure, some people might feel differently, but that’s the point.  We get to do it the way that works best for us.

Well, so far, Nookita is working out JUST FINE. She’s earning her keep in a big way.  I’ve already bought and downloaded a number of Backlist eBooks titles, I took her to the agility trial for the day we started late, and she’s heading out with me right now as I go into town, snug in her fancy case (heh–a padded mailing envelope, cut down).  Plus, because my books are available via Nook, I can see them that way, too!

Welcome to the new world, me!  Welcome to me, Nookita!

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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16 Responses to Nookita!

  1. KarenJG says:

    YAY! And yes, it was me. I had just finished watching “Nikita” – the new, pretty good CW show based in the of “La Femme Nikita” universe, so it just came trippingly off my fingers.

    I’m with you – there are things I still love about paper, but there are things I love about the nook, too. They’re different things, and when I switch from one to the other I feel a vague sense of discomfort for the missing “thing” in the way I’m reading. But I get over it quickly, and remember all the things I love about whichever “device” I’m currently using.

  2. KarenJG says:

    Grrr. Wish I could edit my post! I meant, of course, “based in the “La Femme Nikita” universe” – the “of” was an artifact from pre-posting editing!

  3. Peggy says:

    Here is an added benefit. With an ebook if you forget your reading glasses, you can just enlarge the print. I love that part.

  4. LOL Nookita! That’s excellent–I like that as much as the name I was eventually given to give MY nook: The Nookronomicon. 😀

  5. Doranna says:

    Peggy–I really liked being able to adjust the font size. I’m using something pretty small, but I’m intensely nearsighted and just take my glasses off to read. ;>

  6. Doranna says:

    Karen–I watch that show too! One of few on my list. DogGONE they missed a trick when they had Owen run off…

  7. Doranna says:

    Angela–Nookcronomicon! BWAH HA HA!!

  8. KarenJG says:

    Indeed (on the Owen thing). But I suspect he’ll be back, probably at the most inconvenient moment. ‘Cause, you know, that’s how they roll.

  9. Laurie says:

    Ooohhh … so glad you like your Nook! Mine — Nook o’ my Heart — is almost glued to me. Fits perfectly in my purse and travels w/me all around the house. (Never know when there’ll be an extra second for reading.) I, too, love the ability to resize fonts. Can read in bed without my glasses when I bump up the font. Yay!

    Have you seen the new NOOkcolor? Yep. I haven’t seen one ‘in person’ yet, but am itching to do so. So many books (on Nook!), so little time. Whee!

  10. BlogPatty says:

    Oh NOOK out! I might have to get one of those. Just google Nook? (Call me clueless…)

  11. Doranna says:

    Patty–You’ll have to ogle mine sometime!

    Nook is a B&N product. Kindle is an Amazon product. Sony is the other biggie. Which you get is a matter of who you want to support and ergonomics and file handling preferences… 8)

  12. Colleen Crandall says:


    I just got my Nook today. 🙂 Took me a long time to decide which one to buy. B&N announced a color version, but at almost 16 oz it’s just too heavy for me. I liked that you can go to a B&N store to get help. So off to play with my new device.

  13. Doranna says:

    Oh, YAY! Another Nookster!

    The color was too much for me, too. 8)

    Have fun playing! I sure did. I still have to sync up the computer to grab some downloaded files, but other than that…things couldn’t go more smoothly… (of course, I had watched a LOT of review videos..)

  14. Colleen Crandall says:

    Maybe you can answer this question I have. I’ve downloaded your The Right Bitch Series, but the display doesn’t show the whole title. It cuts off just before the #. Is there a way to show the whole title with out going into the book?



  15. Doranna says:

    Colleen, I haven’t downloaded the Bitch stories yet (I’d have to pay off B&N and haven’t played with using Smashword’s ePub yet), so I am of no help whatsoever. Did you get yours from B&N or Smashwords?

    I hope that having the Nook will also help me create some better book files, as I see what does and doesn’t work with other books’ files… But I’m not sure that’s something I can change one way or the other. Hmm.

  16. Colleen Crandall says:


    I used B&N.

    Doing some research and I guess there is a problem with how some titles are displayed. It’ll display A Bitch in Time (The Right Bitch series… and that’s it.

    I did buy a series of books by Conn Iggulden about Genghis Khan and all of them only show Genghis as the title on the Nook.

    Maybe they will fix this in an update.

    Other than that I love it. Stayed up to the wee hours reading and no eye strain.


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