Beagle Reunion

Back in the day–okay, until two years ago–I lived in northern Arizona. Then, there were two Beagle handlers in the whole state (okay, face it, in AZ, NM, and Nevada)–me in Flagstaff, and my friend three hours away in Phoenix.

Beagles aren’t known for being an agility breed.

(Why that’s so is another story, but for now, we’ll let it stand there.)

Pogo Beagle

"Creating Champions -- One Rescue Beagle at a Time!" (Pogo Girl PAX MXP5 MJP6)

We connected early in Connery’s career, which was decently early in Pogo Beagle’s career and I believe at the very front end of Sonic Beagle’s career (Belle Cardi was just recovering from her first back flare, and trialing only sporadically).  From there we started setting up together, planning out trial schedules to see where we could coincide, and in general having a grand time together.

More than that, we created our own mini-support group for the challenges of running a Beagle in a herding dog world.  There are certain common denominator experiences attached to the situation, and it’s as much about how people react to the dog as about how the dog does in the ring, especially when you’re visiting a new area, moving up into a new class, starting out in a new jump height–in other words, they don’t know you and they don’t know the dog (and they don’t necessarily realize how well their comments carry, or that you have a friend on the sidelines who will hear them if you don’t).

So it was very, very nice to have another Beagle handler on…well, on hand.  And it was super very nice to become friends!

And then it was very sad to move away, far enough away so our trialing venues simply don’t collide any longer.  (There are great big gobs of empty space between here and there…)

And THEN it was VERY HAPPY this weekend when after those two years, we ended up at the same trial again!  We did the girly squee thing and a little dance and then some mad catch-up, the way one does when scant emails and Facebook just aren’t enough.

Connery Beagle

Run, Connery, RUN!

Also, we had a great running weekend! The dogs ran strong and happy, and that’s enough to bring smiles for weeks.  Sonic Beagle earned his first Q in Excellent B classes, and Pogo Beagle pulled in two QQs–so did Connery Beagle, while aging Belle ran with a verve and speed that utterly delights me.  Bunsen Beagle and D’Artagnan Beagle sniffed out each others’ credentials in an appropriate way and practiced patience, trial ground behavior, and the “quick potty” maneuver (a critical trial skill).

All in all, we got to do a couple of victory dances, share some commiserations, and just plain relax in our little corner of Beagleness.  So it’s Sunday, and we’re tired…but happy.  Just as it should be.

PS Connery got a handsome new tie-died leash.  Wanna see?

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8 Responses to Beagle Reunion

  1. Ruth says:

    Most cool to be able to see friends! I’d love to see the new leash but the real question is what does Connery think of it? 🙂

    • Doranna says:

      Ruth, Connery has never been fussy about his leads. He likes a pinch collar because its messages are so precise, and he doesn’t do well with simple slip leads because they’re too severe too fast–he needs a good “signal”/release. This is a martingale leash. Also it’s PRETTY. In a handsome way.

      I think I must do a blog on leashes!

  2. Kada says:

    Oh! That sounds like a delightful weekend. 🙂

    As someone whose days involve a lot of poop clean up lately–although diapers are a little different to the scoop method–I must admit my curiosity was piqued about the quick potty maneuver. 😉

    • Doranna says:

      Kada, ha!

      Dogs who travel and trial really need to understand that when they go out to potty, they GO OUT TO POTTY. Some dogs are reluctant to do this on a leash; some just like to fuss around. The best possible thing to have is a dog who will do major business on-lead in a strange place first thing in the morning, and who will then pretty much pee on command at the trial–so often one has only a few moments between walking and running the course to make sure the dog is “empty.” (Belle does this, of course. Miss Perfect.)

      This will be very important with Dart, who so far has no notion of his own needs until it’s basically too late. So right now his job at trials is learning the rhythms and logistics of the things that support the actual running.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    PogoBeagle is a lovely critter, but my heart belongs to Connery…and Connery in flight is a thing of beauty.

  4. Doranna says:

    Elizabeth, I just love LOVE that new pic of him in the tunnel. He is running so hard!

    Pogo is adorable in person and has big bedroom eyes. As a dog once “relinquished by owner” as an “unfit pet,” she has not done too shabby, I think. (dry understatement)

  5. KarenJG says:

    Yes, but where’s the Nookita? Your tweet promised a Nookita!

    However, that IS a great pic of Connery (and Pogo, too) so I am somewhat mollified. And how nice that you were able to re-connect with them!

    I also want to see the leash piece. And double kudos to the “unfit pet” double Q-ing! (My current foster would make a great agility dog, too, I think, once he learns some discipline. He’s had no training other than house breaking, and I suspect (from his reaction to mild corrections) that involved beating rather than “training.”)

  6. Doranna says:

    Karen–AURGH! I hate WordPress! There’s one too many hoops to jump through with the scheduling. Thanks for saying something…I can’t believe I tweeted the blog and it WASN’T HERE.

    Ahem. It’s there now.

    Yup, all of Suzie’s Beag’s are rescues. Wonderful dogs!

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