Behind the Scenes: Making the Rules

Making the Rules

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natski : star star star star star
Having read the 1st 2 books in the series i thoroughly enjoyed the further adventures of Kimmer & Rio. For me a good romance book is not always about the sex but the relationship and how it grows. In this story you get to see how Kimmer & Rio learn to trust themselves as partners when they are tested by outside forces. They know they are capable individually but this answers the questions of how they cope together. Great story, great characters, great author!

Review by: Karen Gould : star star star star star
This book has a lot of action, great characters, and some romance (but not steamy sex scenes – if you’re looking for that, this isn’t the book for you). All this and an actual interesting plot too! I’ve been a Doranna Durgin fan for years, and she consistently delivers all the things I like in a book, and she doesn’t disappoint in this, her first self-published book, either.

Review by Charles Thompson: star star star star star
Great read!!! This is a fast paced book. It keeps your interest from the start and is hard to put down If you are looking for a story to help you fall asleep, don’t pick this one. Kimmer and Rio are a good match, work well together, worry about each other and get the job done. Doranna Durgin has given us another great book.



“We don’t want to hurt you.”

The voice in Kimmer’s ear wasn’t the least bit convincing.  Nor was the gun barrel poking her in the back.  But a quick assessment of the potential collateral damage in the gardens—the Jardines de Albia constituted a major Bilbao landmark, well trafficked by tourists and locals alike—and she forced herself to relax.

“Very good.”  The voice spoke Spanish, and seemed surprised at her silent acquiescence.  He’d been afraid she’d panic.

Messy thing, panic.  She supposed she should have faked some; it had obviously been expected of her cover, Kimberly.

Then again, if they hadn’t already figured out that Kimberly did the unexpected, they needed to go back to goonboy school.  For this man was, she was certain, of the Basajaun—coming back for a second try.

Which meant that they probably didn’t intend to hurt her.  At least, not at the moment.  “What do you want?” she asked, her voice low.  Still within the gardens, she stood within sight of the café exit.  San Vicente’s impressive gothic architecture stretched up to the sky before her and thick, groomed foliage loomed behind her.

In answer, he tugged on her arm, indicating that she should fade back into the bushes.

She readily complied.  Rio would know something was wrong when he couldn’t immediately see her.  And it gave her time to ponder the best weapon.  The war club, no…not within reach.  She needed to get a special holster for that thing.  Both their guns, sitting at the bottom of her backpack—out of reach and just damned not supposed to be needed on this touristy lunch.  Double damn.

She faked a stumble and gave her shin a rueful rub, retrieving one of her smallest knives in the process.  It would sit in the palm of her hand until she needed it, but now…

Now she was ready.


Rio’s voice, the faintest extra edge of concern.  He wouldn’t have called for her if he’d been on his own…he’d have looked silently.  So that meant…

Her unwelcome escort confirmed her forming suspicion.  “Here,” he said, in Euskari, keeping his voice low.  And he pushed Kimmer into the open, where she could find Rio, meet his worried gaze, and raise her brows in exquisite dryness.  “Hey, Richard,” she said.  “Look, I found friends.”

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