Behind the Scenes: The Bitch Continues!


The Right Bitch

Bitch Bewitched

See me doing the little dance of Kindleization?

(No, really. That’s what that is. It’s not a seizure disorder.)

Both “The Right Bitch” and “Bitch Bewitched” are now up on Kindle! And yes, soon to be Smashwords.

I had thought to work on that this week, actually, but it turns out I’m writing first draft on something else, about which I can only do another little dance of–

Oh. Er. Right. I’ll spare you that. Anyway, I’m happy about it.

“The Right Bitch” was the second of the Bitch stories to find a spot in Esther Friesner’s Chicks in Chain Mail anthologies.

Shiba isn’t alone on the border line; she now shares the territory with a hound named Sabre, who would rather leave her in his dust. Two hounds, two handlers, and a new kind of magic rising…someone’s got to figure it all out. Who else but the right bitch?

And then, you know…there are gonna be puppies…and while Shiba happily protects the borderlands from spellrunners, she never thought she’d be protecting her puppies from their magic! Or that the puppies would have something to say about it…

(“Bitch Bewitched” was a story I waited years for the opportunity to write, and found it in the really fun anthology, Misspelled, edited by Julie Czerneda.)

In case it isn’t obvious…I am a hound-lover at heart! They’re goofy, hard-headed, persistent…and as honest and loyal as the day is long. And those eyes! Those ears–! I mean, awww…come ON!


Sabre whooped with enthusiasm, barreling through the thick wood undergrowth, his nose full of magicsmell, his ears full of Taliya’s distant encouragement—and his brain too hot on trail to think.  So hot he almost missed the answering trail cry to the south—a slightly clearer voice than his own and closing in fast.It made no sense; he didn’t care.  Not with his quarry so close, his sweaty, unwashed humansmell strong with forbidden magic.But suddenly the trail doubled in both humansmell and magicsmell, and then Sabre understood after all.  Two spellrunners, joining forces, both being trailed.Sabre called out, wild and strong.  Confident.

The second dog sounded again, nearly in his ear—and charged onto his trail, cutting him off.  He got a glimpse of flying black ears, smelled the blood of bramble-torn skin, and then saw nothing but dog butt, right in his face.


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  1. Peggy says:

    Gee! you really dumped on Sabre in The right Bitch

  2. Doranna says:

    Aww! I think Sabre got what he wanted in the end…

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