Behind the Scenes: A Bitch in Time


A Bitch in Time


(Yes, now on Kindle!)

Shiba isn’t your average chick in chain mail…she’s a line hound with a very special tracking skill. With her handler, she patrols her territory for illicit magic. But Shiba has just lost her lifelong partner, and isn’t getting along so well with his replacement. He doesn’t trust her and he doesn’t want to, either–for he’s just lost his own partner. With nasty illicit magic sneaking across the border, what’s a bitch to do? Of course, the real question is, will she do it in time…

First published in the anthology DID YOU SAY CHICKS?!, this story was written for the popular Chicks in Chain Mail series edited by Esther Friesner, and a delightful opportunity it was. Because, seriously…I got to play with hounds (my favorite!) and magic (my favorite!) and a slightly twisted sense of humor (my favorite!). What’s NOT to like?

Also, this story was for Strider the WonderHound, with whom I first got to use the words, “Strider! Come down from that tree!”

Tallon dropped the satchel and looked thoughtfully at his new linehound.Shiba gave him her Noble Beauty pose. After all, she was of the best bloodlines and strikingly marked. The black of her back was glossy beneath her chain mail, and her chest, belly, and legs were white, so heavily ticked with black that from any distance they looked blue-silver. The black of her head and ears was divided by a neat ticked blaze that spread out to take over her muzzle, and her eyebrows were punctuated by deep brown. Her body was sturdy, her tail strong and graceful, and her ears fell long and soft, the perfect compliment to her hanging flews. Best of all, her legs—long, heavy-boned and angular—were up to the task of following her incomparable nose.She knew all this because Jehn, her former partner, had told her so. She believed him utterly, just as she believed everything he said.Tallon just shrugged. “We’ll get along fine,” he said. “Jehn’ll have trained her right, and beyond that, a dog’s a dog.”

Eldon’s amiable expression froze into speechlessness; he gave Shiba a quick if somewhat furtive glance.

A dog’s a dog? Shiba’s Noble Beauty stiffened into I-Did-Not-Just-Hear-That. Her ears, previously cocked forward into floppy wings, flattened. She rose and circled the man, eyeing him with cold brown eyes. A dog’s a dog?
Well, this dog was a bitch.

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14 Responses to Behind the Scenes: A Bitch in Time

  1. Peggy says:

    What a great description of a hound

  2. Doranna says:

    Peggy, means a lot coming from a fellow hound owner!

  3. Robert says:

    oooh, I like. someone will come to an awakening.

    I should never read these snippets, now I must have another book.

  4. Doranna says:

    LOL! It’s just a short story. All of 99cents. 8) At Kindle for the moment, but I’m gearing up to learning Smashwords…

  5. Robert says:

    couldn’t help myself, bought 5 stories, once I figured out how to go about it. Amazon doesn’t let you fill a basket with Kindle stuff, like you can with everything else. and then I had to hunt for A Bitch in time. it was worth it, but methinks amazon needs to work on the process a bit.

  6. Doranna says:

    But OH! Were you able to find it without using the direct link? Because that’s actually an improvement! If so, what was your process there?

    *rushes off to try a search*

    Happy e-reading!

  7. BlogPatty says:

    Hurry with Smashwords, hurry!

  8. Doranna says:

    Patty: Next on list–“Clone Self.” ;>

  9. Robert says:

    just looked and it is up with everything else under Doranna D.

  10. Doranna says:

    That’s good news! When I tried it yesterday, it failed, but it did just succeed in the kindle store. Whee!

  11. Sonja says:

    I just got your latest DurginBooks newsletter and couldn’t resist checking out your work… My book club has several members that work with rescued dogs…
    mostly Labs. and I think they will like your “Right Bitch Series”

    I’m trying to get my Christmas shopping started early this year…
    Are these in print at all? I see them on Amazon for the kindle, but neither of the girls I’m shopping for have Kindles yet…

    • Doranna says:

      Hi, Sonja!

      These stories are still in print in their original anthologies… As individual offerings, however, they’re currently e-versions alone. Thank you so much for thinking of the stories as gifts!

  12. Ross Ashley says:

    SI …
    I thought I had all the Chicks anthos. I really do not remember this story … if it’s available somewhere non-DRM’d so my fbReader can handle it, I will buy.

    • Doranna says:

      I don’t think it’ll be non-DRM, Ross. Sorry about that! But I have icon envy. I suppose one of these days I should figure out how to include mine, eh?

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