On the Go!



It’s a Write Horse day!  With food for thought!

This week, Patty is posting through the magic that is WordPress scheduling, while she slips away into more high country for more packing, ponying, and just Being There.  I’ve promised to babysit The Write Horse until she gets back, so help!  Make me look good!

Things are on the go here in the office, with–shall we say–converging realities.  MuseWorld vs RealWorld.  Winner to be determined.

Now, so you will not all be in endless suspense (as I’m sure is the case), I’ll mention that my hay source did this week provide me with pretty green grass hay, and I am once again “rich” in horsekeeping terms.  Hay through to late fall, right there in my barn!

(And, maybe I should also mention–there’s one more day in that FaceBook contest, where signing up for a chance to win means “liking” my FaceBook author page and waving to me in the comments.)

(Also, I should add, I really don’t get that “like” nomenclature.  What are we all, in grade school?  I pretend it says, “Subscribe.”)

I think you will find Patty’s thoughts much more profound…

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  1. Margaret says:

    It really should say “subscribe” or something along those lines, truly. We get enough grade school attitude still in our worlds. SI

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