Behind the Scenes: Comeback


ComebackYes, Comeback is another of the Bombshells to be available in ebook–and another in the popular Athena Force series–this time, the final book in the second continity series.

For this one, I was so pleased to go back to Selena and Cole–I not only got to show them adventuring heroically together, but I was able to slip some reality into the kick-ass fantasy. Because Selena, having been through her big Die Hard experience in Checkmate, now has to deal with the aftermath…

Also, I got to do maggots.


Fury swept through her along with the sudden understanding. “You thought they could do it. You figure I’m full of crap, and you were going to prove it. This wasn’t a training exercise…it was an exercise in embarrassment. My embarrassment.” She narrowed her eyes at him, her fist still clenched inside her pocket and her voice deceptively casual. “And how’s that working out for you?”

The woman trainee looked over at Dobry, anger rising on her face. “You used us. You set us up!”

Dobry sent a cold look Selena’s way. “It’s a shame you over-reacted so badly. This should have been a perfectly safe exercise.”

“It could have been,” she agreed. “If you’d let me in on it. Not to mention it would have been infinitely more challenging–I could have led them on quite a chase before I dumped them. But instead you sent them out cold and green. I’ll bet you didn’t even warn them not to take me on.”

“He was no threat to you!”

The woman stood up, now freely glaring. “And how was she supposed to know that? She didn’t even know it was us.”

Selena heard sirens in the background, still faint and far away. “You knew my background, whether you believed it or not. You lied to your trainees. You left me out of the loop. Me? I’m just a CIA officer on my private time who reacted exactly as I should have. I know who I’d rather be when it comes to facing the DDA over this.”

“Damned cold bitch, aren’t you?” His sullen anger told her she’d scored a point.

“No,” Selena told him. “I’m smoking hot. Too bad you’re only now beginning to figure it out.”

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  1. Robert says:

    wah hoo another book I have to get. I do like the character Selena.

  2. Doranna says:

    Robert! You are so kind to me!

  3. Ilona F says:

    Great Excerpt. Now I want the book 😀

  4. Doranna says:

    Glee! Glee! She liked it! Ilona liked it! *does the dance*

  5. Doranna says:

    Oh wait. Did I do all that out loud?

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