A Trialing We Go!


Teeny Connery Agility Pic

So hey.

I’m not really here.

I’m in a car heading for Santa Fe (again!), where we’re traveling out to our first “away” agility trial of the year. Whee!

Thanks to the move in January (a year after the previous move, pant pant pant), we’ve already missed a couple that might be considered within decent reach; the dogs will be very, very lucky to get anywhere near Nationals qualification this year, even though both qualified last year. But one does have to go to a certain number of trials to even have a chance…

Today, all of that is neither here nor there. Today we’re making the dogs feel special, preparing ourselves to explore a new trial venue, and hoping–oh please–that whatever we left behind this time, it isn’t too important.

Also, we’re steeling ourselves for that 4am alarm. Oh, seriously. An alarm shouldn’t even allow itself to be set for that time.

So I got clever! I wrote this up early in the week–I’ve no idea if I’ll have internet access at the hotel, because I never bother to check ahead. Not that I’ll be thinking about blogging on these days.

Nope. It’s all about the WHEE!

But hey! To put you in the mood, here are some piccies taken at Connery’s USDAA trial in March! We can thank Bruce McClelland at BAMfoto for these goodies–always nice to see him at a trial, because I know the pics will be good ones. (Bruce! Get a web site!).

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4 Responses to A Trialing We Go!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those are GORGEOUS shots of an outstanding dog…not just the ears. Wow. Every time I see pictures or video of Connery in action it just takes my breath away.

  2. Patricia K says:

    FCC. That must be hard work as I have two that both think they number 1.

  3. Doranna says:

    Elizabeth–thank you so much! I had a glimpse of your post as we headed off to the trial, and it was so very heartening. 8)

    Patricia, FFC! And boy, isn’t that the tricky part…making sure they both feel like number one. (All three of them, actually, but Jean-Luc Picardigan doesn’t come to trials any longer…)

  4. Patty says:

    Very cool photos!

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