Snippeting: The Reckoners


The Reckoners

Heading toward p. 50 of The Reckoners….

Garrie really had no idea what she was getting into.  Just looking for a little change of pace and a taste of the excitement from her work with mentor Rhonda Rose…but here, as she gets in over her head while scoping out the Winchester Mystery House from afar, she’s beginning to realize.  Mwah ha ha!

This scene was  really fun to write.   Oh yes it was.  Not that I’m evil or anything.


The screams, when they came, clamped onto her like a leg-hold trap. Deep moans spiraled rapidly upward over a demanding rumble, tangling furiously within her–stealing her thought, stealing her calm. Stealing even the run away, fool! The muttered cacophony built, snarling, and then burst into a sudden shriek of sound, a chorus made of voices below bass and beyond ultra-sonic and everything in between, buzzing and twining and reverberating into complete incomprehensibility—-And she couldn’t think or move or even flee and still the sound climbed and spiraled battered away until she joined it, screaming into her own head, entangled in the chorus–“Garrie!”The sound cut off. Cut off flat, the only remnants of it the strangled noise she made in her own throat.

She filled her lungs, ignoring the leftover whimper she made on the way. And then she smelled the leather, realized she no longer sat in the chair but on the hard floor and against hard muscle. She would have stiffened, had she the energy. Instead she opened her eyes and tried for a scowl.

She found Lucia, crowding close, precise features charged with worry. Beside her, Drew, his lank hair askew and eyes all puppy-dog big and by God that was a soul patch.

“Garrie.” The voice, again, was Trevarr’s–rumbling both in her ear and against her back. He held her with care, with consideration; one hand supported her head. She looked up at him in surprise–at being there, at what she’d experienced…that she’d been caught up in it at all.

His concern, writ so clear, quickly shuttered away. “You’re all right.”

“I’m back,” she agreed, not quite answering the question, because she wasn’t all right–she was mad. Mad at Lisa McGarrity, reckoner extraordinaire. Damned careless reckoner, that’s what. Arrogant, Rhonda Rose would have called it. Mad, and…and…

Yeah. And scared.

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2 Responses to Snippeting: The Reckoners

  1. Robert says:

    not a scene to read in the dark of the night with the wind whining around corners and through the cracks, and with a gust the rap of a limb against the window.

    the snip well done as were the other scary scenes, just enough to make you jump and shiver at a strange noise in the night, but not so much that you feel the need to put your head all the way under the covers.

    Putting my head under the covers seemed to work better when I was 5.

  2. Doranna says:

    Robert–that’s what it was around here last night, too!

    I’m glad you liked it. Have to admit…sometimes those covers do still come out!

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