Snippeting: Lion Heart

posted on Wednesday

Lion HeartLion Heart…if you’ve seen the dedication, then you know I wrote an important chunk of this in the hospital, on my wee smuggled EeePC.  Fairly surreal, that.  That work was in the middle somewhere, though…not this prologue bit.

No, here we have Lyn, and her first glimpse of Joe Ryan.  Poor Lyn.  So sure she’s got all the facts, so ready to act on them…so completely unprepared for what lies before her…


Lyn Maines stared at the image of Joe Ryan, big as life–much bigger than life–as it splashed across the high definition plasma screen of the sleek Sentinel conference room in Tucson, Arizona. Both Joe Ryans, actually–the man and his beast. On the left, tawny mountain lion, heavy masculine head with black tracings and jaw dropped in a panting snarl as the animal stalked the camera, clearly aware of and annoyed by the photographer’s presence. On the right, Joe Ryan the man, caught unaware, leaning over a railing before an enormous high desert panoramic vista of pines and sere ochre plains, head turned three-quarters to the camera, wind lifting his tawny hair with its dark tracings at the nape of his neck and temple, features clean and straight and strong.

Not always did the human form reflect the Sentinel form. Her own didn’t, aside from a certain something around the eyes. But there in Joe Ryan, the mountain lion lurked out loud–the sinuous authority, the simmering power. All of it.

Too bad that striking exterior covered a corrupt interior.

Joe Ryan was as dirty as they came–a dark sentinel. He’d killed his partner for cold hard cash, and he’d done it cleverly enough so the Sentinel’s brevis region consul and his echelon hadn’t been able to pin him down. Cleverly enough so Ryan had now gone on to a new assignment, a new home at the base of Arizona’s San Francisco Peaks, to start a brand new scheme–acquiring power on top of his money. Still on the Sentinel rolls, still roaming free in his powerful form. Still playing with power itself.

And Lyn…Lyn would prove it.

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5 Responses to Snippeting: Lion Heart

  1. Robin says:

    Wow sounds like a very good read, I’ll just have to add it to my growing{by leaps and bounds} TBR list. Is it part of a series? Will I need to get them first? Or is it a stand alone? So it won’t matter what order it is read in.

    • Doranna says:

      Hi, Robin!

      Lion Heart is the second book in the Sentinels series, and the third story. They all stand on their own, though I think it’s evident that there are related books. (Wild Thing (e-story at HQN); Jaguar Night; Lion Heart; Wolf Hunt.) It’s a series I’d very much like to continue writing, but we’ll see!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m thrilled that the book sounds interesting! 8)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Pant, pant, pant!

  3. Doranna says:


    But why didn’t that last line break come through? Hmm. Have fixed that. WordPress is seriously funky about line spacing sometimes…

  4. Kada says:

    Slurp! Yum! That whetted my if it needed whetting.

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