I Want it All

posted on Friday

I Want it All.

Yes. ALL of it.

The muse expands in all directions, and she likes it that way.

The writing? Who knows where that comes from. Started early, never stopped. EARLY, I mean. I’d finished my first book at twelve years old and then…onward. Ever onward!

The art? I come by that honestly. My grandmother, endlessly class under all circumstances (too bad I didn’t get those genes, eh?) and endlessly artsie, too. My mom, whose handiwork quietly decorates special corners in my home and in my sister’s. And then me, trying for many years to incorporate it into a career, never quite finding my niche. And since I haven’t had the space to work with my oils for way, way too long now, I also miss it terribly…and hope changing that will be part of this recent move.

The web sites? Blue Hound Visions, with its web design and grooming for authors and dog/horse people, among others?

Well. It’s a combination of the two, really. It gives me a chance to stay in touch with the art when otherwise I might lose contact entirely. The tools are much different; the learning process is ongoing.

It allows me to be anal retentive (er, not that I am or anything) about the code, while finding ways to explore the art. There are the ads (boy do I really get to play with ConneryBeagle’s performance ads, which I do as an excuse to show off the BHV palette to that demographic), and there are the various graphics, and there’s putting it all together in a design that highlights the content without breaking browsers or confusing visitors.

Since winter, I’ve had fun with several new sites–complete redesigns, brand new sites–and I’ve got a couple more on the schedule.

The muse is replete.

Hilari Bell

Hilari Bell's fresh new look

Leslie Diehl

Lesley Diehl's spankin' new site

Anne Bishop

Keeper of the Kaleer Web!

Show Beagle Quarterly Magazine

Show Beagle Quarterly Magazine -- TOTALLY AWESOME

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4 Responses to I Want it All

  1. Jane Maritz says:

    Lovely site designs! How talented…

    Oh, FFC…

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  2. Patsy Hagen says:

    You and your family are extremely talented.

  3. Doranna says:

    Patsy, that’s a kindness!

    It’s amazing how much we absorb as kids…I didn’t see my grandmother but a couple times a year, and yet every time I did, she had something in progress–and I got to play, too!

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