Note to DuncanHorse: It’s Still Winter

posted on Wednesday

Except that yes, the days are getting longer…and DuncanHorse knows it. So what’s he do, as the wet snow continues to roll in and, these past two nights, as the temps flirt with zero F?

Why, yes. He starts to shed. This past weekend, in fact.

His undercoat has taken on that soft quality that means it’s about to turn loose; his guard hairs litter the stall floor when I brush him, and hair pads the bristles of the stiff winter mud brush.

Ohh, he’s got a long way to go, but…I am fairly warned. It’s the warning every horseman heeds come spring, or pays the price:


But here, just to show you that between storm clouds, the sun does come out…

sun storm

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3 Responses to Note to DuncanHorse: It’s Still Winter

  1. If you save all the hair, in two year’s time you can knit yourself another horse!

  2. Oh, well, maybe felt yourself another horse?

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