A Proposaling We Go

The ReckonersActually, that had better rhythm in my head than it does on paper. Oh well. Can we pretend I’m clever?

Truth is, all my clever is being sucked up right now by other things. For it is proposal season! Two different series, four different books…the muse is set to Warp 10 (“Cap’n, that’s all she’s got! She’s gonna blow!”)

Unlike some, I don’t talk about my proposals in process–it’s a superstition thing. It’s also a greed thing…the muse likes to keep it all to herself. The more to wallow in, y’know. But it does mean I’m particularly immersed right now. Very absent-minded professor.

Just shy of drooling, however.  Not quite that far gone.

Still, it’s a good time for my current production request–to ponder cover particulars for STORM OF RECKONING, which I think is coming out in December. Maybe. (The author is often the last to know for sure…) And the reason I have to think specially hard about it is that the cover artist who did my beloved RECKONERS cover is already booked.

So to speak. (Don’t hit me!)

That means I’ve got to come up with druthers for a new cover artist. I’ve got some ideas–oh, I do love good cover art!–but want to look around a little more.

So who do you like for cover art these days?

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2 Responses to A Proposaling We Go

  1. Paula Lieberman says:

    I don’t know who the artist is, but I like the cover art on Diana Pharoah Francis’ Crossspointe series. I do NOT like the romance SF/F styles with lots and lot of gratuitous sheeny skin…. causes my eyes to look -away- and my gut to churn….

    • Doranna says:

      Thanks, Paula! I’ll have to take a look at that…

      I don’t think the glamor skin cover is right for this book, either. I am not opposed to shirtless, however. 8) (Not necessarily one and the same!)

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